June 5

2011 Resolutions…6 Months Later

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Last Sunday, I reflected on my blog’s 6 month anniversary.  Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback.  If you haven’t already, please feel free to offer suggestions.  That got me thinking, “What about those New Year’s resolutions?”  Here are my resolutions and some of my thoughts:

1.  Blog and see where it leads.

I love blogging; much more than I thought I would.  I’m proud of myself for consistently posting.  Having a schedule has been helpful in that regard.  Where has it lead so far?  I’ve met some incredible people that are now my friends.  It has breathed fresh life into me after the end of my “mommy” years.  It’s taught me about my computer and camera.  It’s got me back into making things with my hands and with my mind.  I’m just going to keep following the trail.

2.  Simplify.

This has been a process I’ve been going through for several years.  Perhaps one day I’ll post about being a recovering hoarder.  The process has continued this year.  In fact, I think this will be the year I’ll whip this problem for good.  I recently had a breakthrough.  I had quite a stash of stuff in my basement that I was saving for my next garage sale.  I love going to garage sales, but I HATE having them and participating in them.  This past Thursday and Friday, my family had a garage sale.  I gave all my stuff to my daughter.  She worked the garage sale and got all the money.  We loaded up what didn’t sell and took it straight to Goodwill.  Sounds simple, but the mental shift for me was monumental.  To continue my success in this area, some concrete goals and timelines would be helpful though.

3.  Learn and challenge myself.

Most of my learning this year has centered around my blog and starting my Etsy shop.  I want to continue challenging myself by improving my blog, learning more about photography, and challenging myself more with the “business” aspect of my journey.  Rescheduling my life around these new “important” pursuits is my biggest challenge currently.

4.  Create.

This resolution is a multi-dimensional challenge and journey.  By reading and learning about the creative process, I’m changing how I view myself both inside and outside.  I’m creating a new me.  Because of that, I’m also creating a new life.  I want to create a business (my Etsy shop) and continue to develop and improve my blog.  I think this has been a great year for “creating.”

5.  Love better.

I imagine this will be on my “resolutions” list for the rest of my life.  I am a very solitary person.  I’m happiest when I’m alone; so, my battle is not so much about “loving” as it is about spending time and being considerate.  I’m working on both of these this year.

It’s good to pause and reflect.  Looking at the promises I made to myself and others gives me satisfaction in “a job well done” and points out areas where I might want to focus a little more effort and attention.  I have a few good ideas where I need to make some midpoint corrections to my course.



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2 Responses to " 2011 Resolutions…6 Months Later"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I think you have some really good goals ahead of you, and the right plans to get there from what I’ve read. I’m thinking about starting an etsy shop, but I’m not sure about where to start with it. I’ve looked a little for a printing option for what I want to do, and so far no luck. We’ll see where it leads. I’m hoping that over my short summer break I can sort a few things out!

    • lori says:

      I noticed on Flickr that they offer printing (cards, posters, canvases, etc.), but it leads you to snapfish. I bet you’d get a ton of good information if you went on Etsy, then to “Community,” then to “Forums,” and typed in the question about where to get things printed using original photography. I’ve never posted a question but it seems like the Etsy community offers a lot of support. I hope it happens! I would love some Houndstooth products!

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