January 21

The Talented Mr. Ripley

This is a psychological thriller about Tom Ripley whose talents lead to a bad end.  Set in the 1950’s, it is a gorgeous film that deals with the dark side of the human soul and the intoxicating power of charm.  It was interesting to me because even though Tom Ripley could be classified a “monster,” I was touched by him and found I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.  This film left me feeling uneasy…and I loved it!  Do you have a favorite film where you find you’re a little more on the side of the villain than you’d like to be?

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January 20

Plain Vase = Colorful Vase



Creating Fantastic Vases by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott – Pg 45 (Foolproof Tissue Decoupage)



Tissue Paper



Sponge Applicator

1.  Cut squares (or any shapes) from tissue paper.

2.  Paint decoupage onto a small area and apply your base color tissue to the vase.  Continue applying additional pieces, overlapping slightly, until the vase is covered.

3.  Paint decoupage onto areas of the background layer where you want to place another color and shape of tissue.

4.  Give the vase a final coat of decoupage and let dry completely.  Now you have a vase that exactly matches your mood or decor.

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January 19

Casper…Our Little Boy

Casper is 2 years old and our little boy.  Casper is not a dominant dog and he’s absolutely a-okay with that.  Casper is infinitely sweet and patient.  Casper’s favorite thing to do is lay down.  If we go anywhere and stand still for more than a couple minutes, guaranteed, Casper is going down…doesn’t matter whether we’re on carpet, tile, concrete, wood, grass or dirt.  Casper is the master of chillaxin’.

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January 18

4 Faves – Version 3.0

Caldrea Dish Soap

I like this because of the smell, period.  Citron Ginger is my favorite.

Hope’s Perfect Stainless

Until I found this product, I couldn’t clean my stainless easily or well.  Now I can.

PartyLite Votives

PartyLite votives burn down completely and cleanly…all that’s left is the metal wick clip.  Be aware that they’re smaller than some other votives, so they burn best in PartyLite votive holders because they are correctly sized.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen is not a lathering shampoo, it is a cleansing conditioner.  As a curly-haired gal, it is perfect for me.  Check out the “How to Use” on the Wen website before using it the first time because there is a learning curve with this product.  Sweet Almond Mint is my favorite.

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January 17

The Artist’s Way…Basic Tools

The Artist’s Way starts with two “Basic Tools” – morning pages and the artist date.  Morning pages are done every day…three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing.  The artist date is done once a week…a block of time where you go alone on an excursion.

To help motivate me, I bought a pretty spiral notebook to write my morning pages.  I’ve only done them for a week, so I don’t have much to say about them yet.  I’m just committing to do them every day for twelve weeks.  Some mornings the words, thoughts and ideas come fast and smooth.  Other mornings the words are a nonsensical brain-dump or not even that good.  The idea though is that there is no “right” way to do the morning pages.  Just doing them is right.

While your morning pages can be looked at as “sending,” the artist date is for “receiving.”  My first artist date was to the Goodwill store to look for inspiration.  No problem there.  A key to the artist date is to be alone.

Fuller, richer descriptions of both the morning pages and the artist date can be found in the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  This week, I’ll start Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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January 16

Creative Space – Before

Creative space, craft room, artist studio, chick cave…whatever you want to call it, that’s what I’m creating.  Here’s what I want:

A pretty, fun and inspiring place to create and work

Storage for my supplies

Work spaces

An inspiration board and files

My initial budget is $150.  Check back and see the transformation on February 20.

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January 15

A Tale of Two Cities

I first read this book as a school assignment.  I knew it was a “classic,” but my definition of a classic novel was something hard to understand that would require someone smarter than me to explain it.  I never considered that it was a “classic” because it was a GREAT story.  Set during the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities has everything…history, romance, evil villains, noble heroes, not-so-noble heroes, twists, turns and surprises.  What was the first “classic” you ever loved?

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January 14

Gone Baby Gone

This is a crime drama about two private detectives hunting for an abducted 4-year-old girl.  Twists and turns abound but the reason I love this movie is because it makes you consider what is right, what is wrong and what is best.  What is right is not always best and what is best is sometimes wrong.  This is not the film to watch if you like everything tied up nice and neat at the end.  The mystery is solved but the questions remain.  What’s a movie that left you with unanswerable questions in the end?

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January 13

Satin Pillowcase = Fabric Flower


Pretty Petals Online Fabric Flowers Workshop


Satin Pillowcase (100% synthetic fabric)



Aluminum Foil

Needle & Thread

1.  Cut 4 circles from the satin pillowcase.  It’s important that the fabric is 100% synthetic.  I cut the largest circle approximately 5″ in diameter.  Each remaining circle should be 1″ smaller than the last.  I have a 5″ circle, a 4″ circle, a 3″ circle and a 2″ circle.

2.  Now, slightly melt the edges of the fabric.  Set up your workstation next to the kitchen sink.  Put down aluminum foil and place your candle on it.  Hold the edges of each circle near the flame and let the heat slightly melt them.

3.  Place the pieces on top of each other and sew a circle through all of them using long, widely spaced stitches.  Pull the  thread to gather the flower and knot it off.

4.  That’s all there is to it.  You now have a beautiful satin flower to add to a hat, a scarf, a pillow or anywhere that needs a little more pizzazz.  Want to learn more?  Take the Pretty Fabric Fleurs online workshop.

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January 12

Freedom…Our Little Girl

Freedom is 3 years old and our “dominant” dog.  Freedom is a natural leader.  She didn’t have to “develop” her leadership skills, she IS a leader, that’s that.  Freedom likes attention (petting) and she likes people because people give Freedom attention (petting).  She is a strong gal who knows what she likes and and isn’t afraid to ask for it or get it.  We can learn a lot from dogs.

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