September 30

Blade Runner


Stylistically, Blade Runner is a masterpiece…the look, the sound, the story.  It’s science fiction meets film noir.   Set in an environmentally ruined earth, Rick Deckard (the Blade Runner) is tasked to find and kill four bioengineered robots called “replicants.”  The problem is, the replicants look exactly like humans.  While being hunted, the replicants are on a hunt of their own…for their creator.  They have questions, “Why were we created,” and “Why do we have to die?’  They question what it is to be human.  The setting and the story are believable and perhaps even prophetic.

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September 29

Frosting Container = Pencil Cup



A gift my niece made for me for hosting a Stampin’ Up! party.  You can see the inspiration piece at the end of this post.



Frosting container

Craft foam

Craft foam decorations


Scissors (I used a rotary cutting system)

1.  Measure the frosting container.  To measure a round object, take a piece of string and wrap it around the piece.  Lay the string out on a ruler and you have your measurement.  My container measured 3-1/2″ x 10-1/2″.

2.  Cut out a piece of craft foam for the background.  Apply glue to the back.

3.  Wrap the craft foam around the container.

4.  Apply the decorations.

5.  You have a fresh, happy little pencil cup.  Think of all the possibilities.  You can use felt, paper, craft foam or fabric.

This is the inspiration piece.  It has my name on it.

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September 28

Greyt Mascots


Who needs a lion, tiger or bear for a mascot when you could have a Greyhound!


University of Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN


Loyola University Maryland – Baltimore, MD

Moravian College – Bethlehem, PA

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September 27

4 Faves – Version 28.0



 This is my favorite coffee maker cleaner because it removes stains and oils as well as lime, calcium & other water deposits.

Genie Bra

 This is my new favorite bra.  It’s supportive, the straps don’t fall down, it has a smooth silhouette under your clothes and it’s SUPER comfortable.  Added bonus…very inexpensive.  In fact, they’re down right cheap.

Post-it Notes 

How did we ever live without these things?


It is horrible when your pet is scared of thunder.  Freedom is VERY scared of thunder and fireworks.  She would spend thunderstorms in the bathroom, shaking so bad it would break your heart.  Enter, the Thundershirt.  The Thundershirt  is a compression garment for your pet…like swaddling a baby.  It works for many types of anxiety, not just thunder.  The best thing, the Thundershirt is 100% guaranteed.  If it doesn’t work, you can return it for a complete refund.  Freedom still likes to ride out storms and fireworks in the bathroom, but she doesn’t shake, she’ll come out of the bathroom if you call her, and she’s calm enough that she takes a nap when I toss in her bed.  I can’t recommend this highly enough.  An added bonus…it can be used as a Halloween costume.  Check out Bunny from Tales and Tails as “Super Pink.”

Freedom:  “I’ll model my Thundershirt, but I’m not looking at the camera.”


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September 26

Make Art a Part…Week 7



For the last seven weeks, I’ve been working through the e-course, Make Art a Part (of Your Life).  This week’s reading was “exploration.”  Kaitlyn talks about experiencing art when you travel and introduces a contributor that offers great travel tips.  One of my favorites is, “Check the gift shop first.”  That way you can see what works the museum or gallery deems particularly important.  I led a tour at Copshaholm yesterday, and I did just that.  The postcards available were pictures of three of the rooms and an exterior shot.  That advice was right on target.  Copshaholm is particularly important because the home was given to the Center for History intact, just as the Oliver family lived in it; so it is fitting that the postcards were of the outside of the home and rooms.   

After every section, Kaitlyn asks a question that has you consider the material in your own life.  This week she asks, “Where was the last place you visited (big or small, any town or city other than where you currently live).  Were you able to make art a part of your experience?  If not, find out how you could have.  Where would you most like to experience art in the world?  Why?

My answer is West Lafayette, Indiana where my daughter is attending Purdue University.  I have not made art a part of my experience there, but I plan to change that.  When I visit her this year, I plan to take in many of the sights before her time there is up.  I’ll post about some of our discoveries in the future.  If I could experience art anywhere in the world, I would pick Great Britain.  I’ve never been there and would love to see many of the places and things that I have come to love through my interest in English literature and history.

The creation exercise this week was “cooking.”  Oh boy!  I don’t like to cook!  But I gave it a shot and made these cupcakes.  May I say that the “cooking” projects were 1000 times better than my little cupcakes.

If you’d like to participate in this e-course, you may register at any time.  Once registered, you’ll have access to the full course for one year.  You can complete it at your own pace.  The cost is $45.00 and you can sign up here.  Kaitlyn also had a wonderful blog, isavirtue.

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September 25

Creative Space – After (Part 7)


Yesterday, I found myself looking in dismay at my creative space.  It was a mess.  I haven’t been getting any creative work done and progress on the room itself has stalled.  I forgot to post an update in August and with September coming to an end, I wanted to get back on track.   Have I mentioned that I get overwhelmed easily? 

So…I cleared the mess out of the room (an option I have since my daughter is in college) and my plan is to set a timer and work 1 hour, no more and no less, everyday this week. 

Next Sunday (October 2), I’ll post a day-by-day progress report.  Let’s see if the “timer” method helps me out.

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September 24

The Six Wives of Henry VIII


This is an engaging and highly readable book on the fascinating lives of King Henry VIII and his six wives.  Not only do you get insight into the king and the individual, vibrant and diverse women who were married to him, you also get a look at court life with its morals and political intrique, the international struggle for power and England’s break with Rome and the start of the Protestant Reformation.  I lean towards fiction, but once I started reading this beautifully written and researched book, I couldn’t put it down.

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September 23



Elizabeth I was one of England’s greatest monarchs, and this film chronicles her transformation from a young, sheltered princess to an iconic, masterful monarch.  The daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, this movie captures the formative events and influences early in Elizabeth’s reign and the personalities that surrounded her, both friend and foe.  The cunning and intrique of the royal court is fascinating and often deadly.  This is a stunning film of England’s Virgin Queen.

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September 22

T-shirt = Flower



Darice® Jewelry Twists by Wendy Cooper & Marie Vetrano – Four Color Flower with Spray Pin





Scissors (I used a rotary cutting system)



1.  Cut a piece of t-shirt material and remove any seams.

2.  Cut strips approximately 3/4″ wide.


3.  Grab each end of the strip and pull.


4.  Gather strips and stitch the ends together.


5.  Grab both ends and twist until the strand curls around itself.


6.  Secure both ends in back with needle and thread.


7.  Repeating Steps 1-3, make a few strips in another color.  Loop together and stitch to secure.


8.  Stitch to the back of the flower.  That’s it.  Super simple and the size and color choices are up to you.


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September 21

Margaret Gorman


Margaret Gorman with Long Goodie (1925)

Margaret Gorman was a Greyhound owner.  Who is Margaret Gorman?  She was the first Miss America (1921).  This petite, exhuberant young woman was only 16 years old when she won!

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