September 30

The Land Of Nod


When you live with greyhounds and a kitty, you live in the Land of Nod.

The Land of Nod

Robert Louis Stevenson


From Breakfast on through all the day
At home among my friends I stay,
But every night I go abroad
Afar into the land of Nod.


All by myself I have to go,
With none to tell me what to do–
All alone beside the streams
And up the mountain-sides of dream.


The strangest things are there for me,
Both things to eat and things to see,
And many frightening sights abroad
Till morning in the land of Nod.


Try as I like to find the way,
I never can get back by day,
Nor can remember plain and clear
The curious music that I hear.

Daily Inspiration


What hath night to do with sleep?

John Milton 

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September 29

Books I Read April – September


Here’s what I’ve read during the last six months:

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered.  Based, in part, on her testimony, her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, is convicted of the murders.  Twenty-five years later, The Kill Club, a society obsessed with notorious crimes, locates Libby and offers her money to reconnect with people from that time in her life.  As the stories are revealed, Libby must confront the fact that her testimony may not have been as solid as she believed.  This is a dark book throughout and not for the squeamish.  I enjoyed this book because the story was interesting, and even more so, the characters were interesting.  All the characters were extremely gritty, but very human and believable.  I was a little dissatisfied with the ending, but not enough to prevent me from recommending the book.  I want to read more by Gillian Flynn.

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths

The Janus Stone is the second Ruth Galloway mystery.  When a child’s headless skeleton turns up during an archeological dig, forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway determines that the bones are of recent origin which spurs an investigation.  Although this isn’t my favorite mystery series, I’ll continue to read them because I find the archeological backdrop and details fascinating, and Ruth is an interesting heroine.

The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine

I selected this book as part of the South Asian Challenge 2012 I’m participating in this year.  Stumbling upon books like The Blue Notebook is one of the reasons I encourage people to participate in book clubs, reading challenges and anything else that makes them step outside of their comfort zone.  The Blue Notebook is poetry, written as prose.  The subject is heartbreaking and unbearable…sexual slavery and child prostitution.  The story is frank, surprisingly hopeful, and a testament to the human spirit and the power of storytelling.  I highly recommend this book.

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher has a razor sharp, irrevent wit and impressive insightfulness.  This book is based on one of her stand-up routines.  I like Carrie Fisher and her sense of humor, so I enjoyed this book.  If you’re not familiar with Carrie Fisher and her life, you may find it a bit disjointed.  I have not read anything else by Carrie Fisher but I would like to in the future.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (Audiobook)

A lost manuscript, a reluctant witch, a 1,500-year-old vampire and a mystery launch this trilogy.  I listened to this audiobook and while I enjoyed it, my friends who read the book were more enthusiastic about it.  I think I may have missed some of the richness of the novel by listening to it rather than reading it.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley (Audiobook)

Last year, when I highlighted a favorite book for my Saturday posts, this book was one of my picks.  I equally enjoyed listening to this book.  Jayne Entwistle perfectly captures the precocious 11-year-old Flavia de Luce, the protagonist of this mystery series.  If you enjoy clever, fun mysteries that are very British and involve an unconvenional heroine, please introduce yourself to Flavia de Luce.

Guilt By Degrees by Marcia Clark (Audiobook)

Marcia Clark is probably best known as the lead prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial, but she is also a writer.  Guilt By Degrees is the second Rachel Knight mystery.    Rachel Knight is a D.A. in Los Angeles, California.  When she takes on the case of a murdered homeless man, she not only pits herself against a formidable opponent, she must also come to terms with the ghosts of her past.  Rachel Knight is not just a sharp and savvy investigator, she is a fascinating character all-around.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read the first book in the series.

Daily Inspiration


A good book has no ending.

R.D. Cumming

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September 28

Walking The Beat


Still no DVD for the Mixed Devotions class.  I probably should check with the teacher to make sure I am on the list to get one.  In the meantime, let me tell you about something very fun and interesting that one of my blogging friends is involved with…Walking The Beat.

Steve, Marc & Stuart with a group of gorgeous hounds

The founder of Walking The Beat is Marc Norman.  Marc is a police officer in the UK  and the son of my friend, Sue, who writes one of my favorite  blogs Suzy’s Sanctuary.  Walking The Beat is a coast-to-coast walk to raise money for Greyhound Gap.  Each year, the walk is different.  This year, Marc, Steve and Stuart are walking the Southern Upland Way.

photo source

The Southern Upland Way is Britain’s first official coast-to-coast footpath, opened in 1984.  It crosses 212 miles of wild and relatively remote stretches of Southern Scotland and offers a tremendous variety of scenery.

photo source

The route begins in Portpatrick on the west coast and concludes on the east coast at Cockburnspath.

The challenge began on September 21 and concludes October 1.  You can follow along on Sue’s blog where she posts daily updates.

Marc, Steve and Stuart chose Greyhound Gap as the beneficiary of their fundraising because each of them has had special hounds in their lifes.  Greyhound Gap is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a “put to sleep” situation in UK pounds.  Sue has certainly done her part in helping a variety of sighthounds, many who have injuries and require some extra love and care.

Reading Sue’s posts with Marc’s updates is fascinating.  What an adventure! and a wonderful cause.  If you have an extra “fiver” or two, you can help the team by making a contribution here.  For US residents, the current exchange rate is approximately £1 = $1.60.  The donation site allows you to pay through PayPal where you can see the exchange rate for the day you are contributing.  As of this post, the lads have 62% of their goal of £2,750.00.

Daily Inspiration

Thank you, Marc, Steve & Stuart for helping UK hounds.  Love, Casper

You’ll meet more angels on a winding path than on a straight one.

Terri Guillemets

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September 27

Photo Albums – Week 4


If you’ve read my Thursday posts the last three weeks, you know I’ve been in agony over organizing my photos.  Last week, I decided to pick a topic, write down my stories and create an album.  I chose “School Memories” as my subject because the pictures are easy to identify and the timeline is very clear (Kindergarten-12th Grade).  Here are some of the supplies I’ve gathered to get this project started:


Pandigital Photo Scanner

I love the idea of scanning photos.  I can create a digital copy of the photos I’m going to use and, more importantly, copies of photos I don’t want to use and would like to get rid of but…I might want them later. 

8″ x 8″ Album

I decided to go with the smaller 8″ x 8″ album because I don’t have a lot of photos for this project and this size seems more manageable for a first project.

Coordinated Paper

Whenever I look down the paper aisle of my local craft store, I get lightheaded because there are so many choices.  I decided to get a coordinated paper pack from Stampin’ Up! so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding things that go together.  The paper pack I selected is called “Storytime.”

Daily Inspiration


The imperfections of a man, his frailties, his faults, are just as important as his virtues.  You can’t separate them.  They’re wedded.

Henry Miller

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September 26

Try This – Background 4


This month, I’m preparing some backgrounds because I want to paint more of the girls I learned to paint in Juliette Crane’s How To Paint A Girl e-course.

This week, I wanted to try these alcohol inks.

I painted the background with Ceramcoat Trail Tan.

I immediately started to drop drops of the alcohol ink onto the wet canvas.

I used these colors of alcohol inks…Ginger, Caramel and Latte.

I think it is an interesting effect.  I’m definitely going to fiddle around with these inks some more.

Daily Inspiration

We are what we believe we are.

C. S. Lewis

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September 25

Love This – Papercrafting Companies



I’m pretty new to papercrafting.  I started going to a card club that my nieces lead…one sells Stampin’ Up! and one sells Close To My Heart.  I joined mainly to get together with them and my sisters.  Then, a friend at work started selling Stampin’ Up! and I joined a card club she leads.  Although papercrafting isn’t my “first love,” it is really fun and I think it will help me as I put together my photo albums.

Here’s why I like Stampin’ Up! and Close To My Heart:

1.  The consultants.

If they sell papercrafting items, they tend to love papercrafting.  That passion and expertise really helps when you’re trying to learn a new hobby or technique, decide what to purchase or dissect a project.

2.  The companies.

If you’ve ever visited the papercrafting section of your local craft store, you might have felt like your head would explode.  These two companies present a cohesive line of products, and the catalogs present the products in a way that helps you make sense of them.

3.  The colors.

All the products have an easy to understand and coordinate color palette…very helpful, especially when you’re just starting out.

4.  The classes.

The workshops and clubs let you try different products and techniques before you purchase the supplies, and the consultants take you step-by-step through a project which is a lot easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

5.  The camaraderie.

It’s fun to go to my clubs.  I get to visit, laugh, learn and eat.

Daily Inspiration


A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

Nelson Mandela

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September 24

In My Studio – September 24


Here’s what I’ve been working at…

I painted a background canvas for my “Try This” post.  All September’s “Try This” posts will feature step-by-step background canvases.  I want to paint more of my “girl paintings” and I like to prepare the canvases first.

I belong to two card clubs, and one of my clubs got together on Thursday night.

We made a Halloween card…

and an Autumn card.

Daily Inspiration


A mistake is simply another way of doing things.

Katharine Graham

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September 23



This weekend, we did a little doggysitting.  Our friends had a wedding in Minnesota, so we watched Freedom, Casper & Nikki’s BFFs, Miura, Zonda and Eva along with foster pup, Tia.  That’s a lot of hound.  Here’s what we did…


Played outside.

Ate ice cream.

Tia did awesome, and I mean awesome!  If you are considering adopting a greyhound, I highly recommend Tia.  She’s calm, super sweet, curious but not overly so, obedient, just an all around excellent girl.  You can check her out at Allies for Greyhound of West Michigan.  If I didn’t have a 3 greyhound limit, Tia would be mine.

Daily Inspiration


A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. 

Donna Roberts

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September 22

Great Feuds



Currently, I’m reading Great Feuds In History: Ten Struggles that Shaped the World by Colin Evans.  It chronicles ten “high-stakes personal contests [that] had a lasting impact on the societies around them and the generations that followed.”  An interesting list…here are the feuds that Mr. Evans covers:

1.  Elizabeth I versus Mary, Queen of Scots

2.  Parliament versus Charles 1

3.  Aaron Burr versus Alexander Hamilton

4.  Hatfields versus McCoys

5.  Joseph Stalin versus Leon Trotsky

6.  Roald Amundsen versus Robert F. Scott

7.  Duchess of Windsor versus Queen Mother

8.  Montgomery versus Patton

9.  Lyndon Johnson versus Robert Kennedy

10.  J. Edgar Hoover versus Martin Luther King Jr.

Daily Inspiration


History is a symphony of echoes heard and unheard.  It is a poem with events as verses.

Charles Angoff 

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September 21

A Little Mystery


I didn’t work on my Mixed Devotions bottles this week; instead, I’ll present you with a mystery.  Who are these gorgeous hounds?

Do you recognize this one?

Or this one?


This one?

I’ll tell you all about them on Sunday.

Daily Inspiration


 Over time, the hurt doesn’t hurt. Only regret does.

Terri Guillemets 

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