July 12

4 Faves – Freedom & Casper Version 1.0

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When I did my first “4 Faves – Friends Version,” Bunny, from Tales and Tails, suggested that Freedom and Casper should do their 4 Faves.  I thought that was a great idea, and when I told Freedom and Casper, they were very excited and said they could even agree on their 4 favorite things.  I should have suspected something was amiss.  Well, I can’t go back on my promise so here they are, Freedom and Casper’s 4 Faves (descriptions provided by Freedom and Casper).


Best way to get to know someone new or make sure an old friend is really who they say they are.  Butts don’t lie.


2 Greyhounds + 10 Beds = Not Enough Beds!  You can never have too many of these things.  We like them best all over the house.  We’re both “fluffers,” so we prefer a bed that lends itself to fluffing.


Like beds, you can never have too many of these.  Also like the beds, we like them best all over the house.  We feel it makes our mommy feel less sad about her daughter being grown-up if we make it look like she’s living with a couple toddlers.  See that basket way down at the bottom of the picture?  That was suppose to hold all our toys…yeah, right!

Freedom’s favorite hedgehog.  It’s even grosser than it looks.

Daddy & Mommy (Pssst…aka our slaves)

Don’t let their looks fool you.  The friendly looking one on the left can pose a few problems because she gets ideas that she’s in charge of us.  The mean looking one on the right…total slave…does EVERYTHING we want.

Casper’s Nightly Massage

Lovin’ On Freedom

Alright then…that’s Freedom and Casper’s 4 favorite things.  Next time, I’m going to add a few stipulations.

SEE, we told you she’s the bossy one!


The month of August will be “4 Faves – Friends Version.”  What are your favorite things?  Tell me about them during the month of July and one (or more) of your picks may be chosen as a “favorite” in August.  You can let me know what you like in one of three ways…post a comment, email me (whatremainsnow@gmail.com), or let me know on the What Remains Now Facebook page (either by commenting or writing on my wall).  Tell me what the item is and why you like it.  Want to see what “4 Faves – Friends Version” looks like?  Check out this post from May.

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4 Responses to " 4 Faves – Freedom & Casper Version 1.0"

  • houndstooth says:

    EXCELLENT choices, Freedom and Casper! Did you say nightly massages? I am being held out on here! Excuse me while I go and lodge a formal complaint!

    I have a hedgehog, too, and I love it! I like to take it to bed with me sometimes.


    • lori says:

      Thank you, Bunny. We knew that a classy hound such as yourself would appreciate our fine selections.

      Freedom and Casper

  • Padfoot says:

    Pawsome! I love this! Hmmm, May I borrow this idea for my blog as it is quite cool? I feel bad for Bunny. We get massages all the time, not just at bedtime. 🙂 Mom just had a roommie move in a month or two ago and she’s a massage therapist, so we are even more spoiled now. Weeee! We like your blog, Miss Lori. It has all sorts of neat stuff in it.


    • lori says:

      Thank you, Paddy. I’ll be over to check you out soon. You are welcome to use Freedom & Casper favorites as I’m sure they are very close to your own.

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