May 10

4 Faves – Friends Version 2.0

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May’s 4 Faves all come from my friends.  Check out what they like.

Carrie and Bunny

Carrie is the author of two blogs, Tales and Tails and Pink Sunshine.  Sometimes, she shares writing responsibilities with Bunny, one of the Houndstooth girls (Bunny, Blueberry, Lilac and Morgan…Morgan has a blog too, Wandering Wolfy).  Both Carrie and Bunny have shared a few of their favorite things.

Wolf Packs

The Houndstooth gang are hikers (particularly Bunny and Morgan).  While hiking, they like to wear their Wolf Packs.  Not only are they good for holding things, they are a great icebreaker for dogs that folks might typically shy away from.  Morgan can look intimidating, but Carrie said people are drawn to her when she has on her Wolf Pack.  What’s in their Wolf Packs?  Check out this post.  WARNING: Wolf Packs become like leashes…you touch them and the doggies go nuts.


Carrie is a NOOKcolor lover.  Here are her reasons for loving it:

1.  The “Read to Me” feature for kids’ books.

2.  Enhanced NOOKbooks with embedded audio and video content…like cookbooks with video tutorials.

3.  The app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, for when your NOOKcolor is not on-hand.

4.  Being able to get books quickly and easily when you live far away from a bookstore.

Posh Pawz

Anyone who knows the Houndstooth girls knows that they’re a fashionable lot.  Bunny, in particular, is a fashionista hound who always looks her best, sometimes with the help of a beautiful accessory.  Posh Pawz is one of her favorite places to pick up that “just right” collar or coat.  Bunny also loves Around the Hounds and 2 Hounds Design.

Dog Park Finder

The Houndstooth girls love to visit different places.  The Dog Park Finder app helps you find nearby dog parks with pictures, locations and customer comments and ratings.

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8 Responses to " 4 Faves – Friends Version 2.0"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oh it looks awesome! I’m sure Bunny will have more to say about it later! 🙂

  • Hey, did you knows THEY are one of MY favoritist things too?????? I just loves da girls! I still think maybe I is a deformed Greyhound.


  • houndstooth4 says:

    Puddles, I am certain that you are at least part Greyhound! It’s where you get your great fashion sense and speed!

    Ooooooo! Miss Lori! I found a new iPod app that’s for Greyhound stuff!
    I like it almost as much as the Dog Park app. This is definitely one of my favorite posts, right after the one about brindle Greyhounds being common!


    • lori says:

      Thank you, Bunny! I appreciate you participating and sharing your favorites. So what is the iPod app for Greyhound stuff? I know my friend, Amy, will be checking it out!

  • Amy says:

    I would love to know what size Wolfpack Carrie got for Bunny. Miura being dark needs lots of water when we walk in the summer so this is a great idea!

  • […] would ruin the surprise, obviously.   I thought I’d share a post Miss Lori did about our favorite things from last week, […]

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I’m sorry! I missed the questions! Please do forgive me!

    My Wolfpack in a size small, but Morgan, my Shepherd sister, wears a size medium. I’m a pretty small Greyhound at fifty pounds. My sister, Blueberry, doesn’t wear a pack too much, but she might possibly need a medium.

    The app we like is called The Greytlife!

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