May 17

4 Faves – Friends Version 3.0

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May’s 4 Faves all come from my friends.  Check out what they like.

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara

This is my friend, Amy’s, favorite mascara.  She loves it because it doesn’t clump and it doesn’t flake.  She says it makes your lashes look like beautiful, fine fringe.  Here’s a great review on Makeup and Beauty Blog if you want a little more information.


I have to get me a pair of these!  Another favorite of Amy’s; they’re cute, comfortable and waterproof.

Deanne Pace – Works in Metal

My new friend, Mayzie, suggested this fave.  Deanne’s jewelry speaks for itself…BEAUTIFUL!  Plus, a portion of Deanne’s dog-themed jewelry is donated to animal-related charities.  Deanne also has a fun blog, Road Dog Tales.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This fave comes from my friend, Lori.  She is the Director of Facility Care for Granger Community Church and she KNOWS cleaning.  This is one of her favorite things, and I think that says a lot.  One day, we noticed that one of the walls had a paint mark on it.  Lori grabbed a Magic Eraser and removed the paint we didn’t want from the paint we did want…like magic.



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4 Responses to " 4 Faves – Friends Version 3.0"

  • Sorry but I hads to crack up withs da Magic Eraser…them things is a staple in our house! My mum is a clean freak and practically cleans da whole house with those…except da walls cuz it took da paint off. They used cheap flat paint when they painted…ugh!

    We loves Deanne’s jewelry also. Her work speaks volumes and all peices are true works of art. Did you knows I deemed myself an honorary Road Dog…yep, I surely did…hehehehe.

    I am more into eyeliner than mascara these days, since mine has gone away. Howevers, mum is gonna check dis one out cuz her is always complaining bout it flaking…whatevers I say.


  • houndstooth4 says:

    I don’t know how I lived before Magic Erasers! They are awesome!

    Deanna’s jewelery is beautiful, and one of these days I’ll own some.

    Now I have to track down that mascara. I didn’t even wear the stuff until about five years ago when I got talked into it during a makeover!

  • Oh, WOW! Mom is so excited that her jewelry is listed on your fave list! That was super sweet of Mayzie! SHE is one of our faves 🙂
    And we love those eraser thingies, too. None of us wear mascara, but Mom does on occasion, so we’ll have to tell her about that. Those clogs make us think of tulips and that makes us think of our furiends Wyatt and Stanzie ’cause they always have pretty flowers. Oh, yeah, and Corbin ’cause he just posted a pic with his handsomeness in front of some tulips.

    Thanks from Mom!

    The Road Dogs

  • mayziegal says:

    YAY! Thank you, thank you for putting Miss Deanne’s jewelry on your bloggie! Oh, my mom just luvs the stuff she makes and she’s all all-around good person, too!

    My mom is a HUMONGOUS fan of those magic eraser thingies. She said that using one gives her a…what did she say?…oh, yeah…an “enormous sense of satisfaction.”

    Wiggles & Wags,

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