March 22

4 Faves – Version 12.0

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Scott 1000 Tissue

When I don’t have this, it seems like I’m replacing the roll every other visit.

PetSmart Think Twice Reusable Tote Bag

I bought this because it was so cute and large enough for taking bowls, food, water, poop bags, leashes and anything else needed when we travel with the houndies.  It’s a doggy diaper bag!  Come to find out, PetSmart Charities receives 10% from the price of every tote bag purchased…bonus.

Jacqueline Kennedy Jewelry Collection

This is a collection of jewelry reproductions sold on QVC.  What’s really fun…watching the shows, because Kennedy historian Philip Katz gives the story behind each piece.

Easy Fold Step Stool

I have one of these in every room that has anything stored up high.  They fold flat for easy storage and give you a little extra height when you need it.

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