April 5

4 Faves – Version 14.0

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Yoo-hoo has a distinctive taste…distinctively YUMMY.  The container says that it’s a “Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals.”  You’ve got to be kidding!  I’m not thinking about vitamins and minerals when I’m drinking Yoo-hoo and you probably shouldn’t be either.

No-Iron Shirts

I LOVE these.  I used to take my husband’s shirts to be laundered and pressed.  His shirt looked good in the morning, but was all rumpled up by the time he got home from work…and it cost money to get this look.  The beauty of no-iron shirts – machine washable (saves $), a little tumble dry, hang up, looks nice in the morning, still looks nice in the evening.  Now that’s a product that offers a lot.

Hollywood Fashion Tape

This helps prevent fashion malfunctions.  Hollywood Fashion Tape is essentially, double-sided tape.  What makes it great is it really holds and it comes off your clothes nicely  before laundering.

Bottle Brush

This is one of those items you don’t appreciate until you need it.


The month of May will be “4 Faves – Friends Version.“  What are your favorite things?  Tell me about them during the month of April and one of your picks may be chosen as a “favorite” in May.  You can let me know what you like in one of three ways…post a comment, email me (whatremainsnow@gmail.com), or let me know on the What Remains Now Facebook page (either by commenting or writing on my wall). Tell me what the item is and why you like it.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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10 Responses to " 4 Faves – Version 14.0"

  • Hi….jus’ hoppin’ over from visiting Puddles. So glad to meet ya.





  • Hehehehe…my mum has a thing bouts clothes bein’ ironed…her irons EVERYTHING! Her is really not right in da brain.
    Nows dat tape is very interesting, I has nevers seen dat befores. Cool!
    Speaking of da bottle brush and cleaning…mum says da best inventions were toothpicks and q-tips to clean withs cuz they gets in little bity places. I thinks I need a new mum.
    My favorite things would be…MEEEEEEEEEEEEE…and cheetos…and squirrels to chase.


    • lori says:

      Your mom is right…Q-tips and toothpicks are the best inventions for cleaning. I wish that I were more often inclined to clean with that level of detail, but when I am, they are the best!

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oh, Yoo Hoo! They didn’t have it here when I was a kid, but we could always get it at my grandma’s in Alabama. To me, it’s the taste of summer fun and carefree days! I still love that stuff!

    Favorite things? How long do you want the list to be?

    • lori says:

      Favorite things…I’ll take whatever you’ve got. Funny…I’ve had more people comment on the Yoo Hoo than any other favorite thing. Who would have thunk it.

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Well, it’s chocolate goodness! Come on!

    Do you take things from certain price ranges? One of my all time favorite things is my Barnes and Noble nook, which goes everywhere with me, but it’s not a cheap little thing you just pick up on a whim. Well, not unless you’re Donald Trump!

    • lori says:

      No price range…low or high. The nook has made an appearance already…4 Faves – Version 2.0. I got one for Christmas and LOVE it. Check out my reasons for loving it and let me know the reasons why you love it so much. I think it would be interesting to get a different (or maybe the same) opinion about why it’s a favorite thing.

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Ahhh! Well, I can’t argue with your reasons! I also have a few kids books on it, and the read to me feature is really cool! I am looking forward to the cookbooks that are supposed to be coming out soon with video tutorials in them and the apps that are going to be available. I love that I can have the app on my phone and iPod and use those as a back up if my nook is unavailable for some reason, too. I really just like being able to read what I want when I want. And I live fifty miles from the nearest bookstore, so it’s perfect for the new releases that I want to get and have them to read as soon as possible.

    • lori says:

      Love it! Thank you for these “reasons for loving it.” I didn’t know about the read to me feature…where’s my Owner’s Manual!

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