January 11

4 Faves – Version 2.0

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Surgeon’s Skin Secret

Dry, cracked heels?…problem solved.  This moisturizer has a dense, waxy texture.  Beeswax, lanolin and mineral oil are its three ingredients.  You can use it on your hands, but mainly I like to use it on my feet.  I apply foot lotion first, then a little of this.

Goo Gone

I don’t like stickers on things and Goo Gone gets them off.  Caution…Goo Gone is oily, so don’t use it on anything porous.


I’m new to e-readers and this is the one I finally decided on.  I still love reading a paper book, but here’s why I wanted an e-reader:

1.  1 book takes up the same amount of space as 500.

2.  I can read in bed without a light on (well, this is why my husband likes an e-reader).

3.  Anytime (almost anywhere) I want a book, I have it instantly.

4.  Every book is a large print edition.

Lingerie Bag

A lingerie bag makes it possible to do “delicates” along with a regular load.  I also like to put things in it that I don’t want to “forget” and throw in the dryer.

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