September 13

4 Faves – Version 26.0

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Taylor® Kitchen Timer

I should have titled this fave “Big Buttons,” because that’s why I love my new kitchen timer.  It’s big, easy to read and simple.  It has a flip down stand, to sit on the counter and a strong magnet, to hang on the refrigerator.  What’s not to love.


Premiering on January 10, 1971, Masterpieceâ„¢ is the longest running weekly prime time drama series in America.  It began as Masterpiece Theatre®, but in 2008 it was divided into three sections:  Masterpiece Classic (beloved signature period dramas), Masterpiece Mystery! (the best British mysteries), and Masterpiece Contemporary (dramas set in today’s world).  I love them all.

A cute little story…When my daughter was about 6-years-old, I was watching Masterpiece Theatre.  In her very best 6-year-old British accent she said, “Masterpiece Theatre, producted by the Children’s Television Workshop.”  Well, almost.  I did many things that didn’t fall in the “Good Mother” category, but withholding PBS wasn’t one of them.


This isn’t for everyone, but if you hate shaving with the purple passion that I do, this is a great alternative.

Mead® Organizher™ Password Keeper

I think this is very cool.  A neat, pretty place to collect and organize all the User Names and Passwords that modern life requires.

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4 Responses to " 4 Faves – Version 26.0"

  • houndstooth says:

    I have had to do so many password changes lately, I need to hunt for one of those organizehers!

    If I could find something that would make the hair go away and stay away forever, I’d pay near any price for it!

    Our antenna hates us. I can’t get any of the PBS channels for months now, and I really miss them! I’m going to have to hold something hubby holds dear hostage to get it fixed, it appears.

    That is one cool timer!

    • lori says:

      The password keeper is going to be a big “positive” in my life. I have little pieces of paper scattered all over! And my favorite…when I write down my user name and password, but don’t write down what it’s to. I would miss PBS very much. Watching Masterpiece is so comforting to me. Sounds like you know how to make things happened in your home! Hostage taking…good idea.

  • Tooki says:

    haha..i really like that phrase “purple passion”! New to me.

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