September 20

4 Faves – Version 27.0

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Ambre Blends

Amber essence is the base of all Ambre Blends.  I love the way these smell and a little goes a very long way.  If you love natural, organic frangrance, give these a try.


Spray Bottle…That Works

I use a spray bottle filled with water like some women use an iron.  I lightly tumble dry my clothes, hang them up and give them a light spray…voilà, no wrinkles.  Unfortunately, it’s been hard to find a spray bottle that works.  I stumbled upon these aluminum spray bottles in the “dollar” bins at CVS.  They are fabulous!…pretty too.

Coffee Ice Cream

Edy’s is pictured, but I’m a sucker for ANY coffee ice cream.  Yum!

Terra-cotta Foot Scrubber

I picked up this pretty, functional tool at Ten Thousand Villages.  Crafted from terra-cotta, you use it on your feet like a pumice stone .

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2 Responses to " 4 Faves – Version 27.0"

  • houndstooth says:

    That foot scrubber almost looks too pretty to use!

    I’m a sucker for any scented stuff!

    Oh, ice cream? Sign me up! I love Ben & Jerry’s. Did you see that they now have a flavor called Schwetty Balls? I just rolled with laughter!

    • lori says:

      I’ve got to try Schweddy Balls! That would be great to bring out when we have company! I couldn’t imagine what was in it, so I looked it up – “Vanilla Ice Cream with a Hint of Rum & Loaded with Fudge Covered Rum & Malt Balls.” Sounds good to me!

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