October 18

4 Faves – Version 31.0

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 Wood Pencils

I love to write with a pencil, and my favorite is a plain, old wood pencil.  The pencils in the picture aren’t plain or old…but they work just the same, only prettier.


I cannot have this stuff in the house because I’ll eat it right out of the jar.  Note:  If you ever stay at my house and there is Nutella in the cupboard, don’t eat it unless it is an unopen jar.  An open jar probably has my germs in it.  Here is an awesome recipe from Erin’s Food FilesNutella Cookies.


Swiffer Duster

The best way to dust is to remove items from a piece of furniture and dust the furniture and items with a soft cloth.  But, when you notice a thick layer of dust right before you have company and want to tackle it, the Swiffer Duster does the trick.  Its thin, light, flexible design gets in and around things beautifullly.


The Ultimate Leash

This was one of Amy’s favorites for 4 Faves – Friends Version…but I stole it.  The Ultimate Leash is fully adjustable from 4-6 feet, offers a hands-free option with an easy clip-around-the-waist buckle, and has a convenient velvet-lined 1 foot traffic handle and adjustable slide handle.  It also has a clip for the optional Ultimate Doggie Bag.  For fashion conscious pups, it comes in 9 colors and your choice of hardware finishes.  Where do you get it?  Around the Hounds.

 Freedom Demo-ing The Ultimate Leash


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5 Responses to " 4 Faves – Version 31.0"

  • Declan says:

    My Mum is just the same with Nutella! Other Mum has a secret hiding place for it to stop her eating the whole jar. We’ve spent HOURS looking for it, but to no avail 🙁 Deccy x

    • lori says:

      Being a Nutella addict, I could say that Other Mum is being mean; but in my more lucid moments, I can see that she is really trying to help someone she loves. I’m just glad no one who loves me has taken this up. My hubby just looks surprised everytime he finds an empty jar (tee hee).

  • Kari says:

    Nutella – I LOVE IT and baked some cupcakes once with it and OMG to die for.

    Im a huge swiffer lover 🙂

    Pencils… I love the mechanical.

    Oh cool ive wanted a waist leash for Haylie, I will have to check that out.

  • houndstooth says:

    I love the Ultimate Leash! I have one that I always take when we hike, because I can clip it to my bag or waist if I need to. That little clip is also good for attaching a flashing light for nighttime walks.

    Can you believe I’ve never tried Nutella? *puts a paper bag over head*

    I can never resist pretty things to write with! It’s a sickness.

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