December 6

4 Faves – Version 33.0

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I have several Shaklee® products that are favorites, but I particularly like to have a bottle of Basic-H® around because then, I’m never without a cleaning product.  Basic-H® is a cleaning concentrate.  Depending on the ratio you use when mixing it with water, you can make an all-purpose cleaner, a window cleaner or a degreaser…for pennies a bottle.


Grammar Girlâ„¢

Whenever I have a grammar question, this is where I head.


Velcro Cord Ties

I’m not sure what their “official” name is, but they’re my favorite way to “tame” cords.



I love Emily’s work.  Each item is hand-calligraphed and captures the romance of the art of handwriting.  This bookmark…I couldn’t not purchase it.  Emily’s shop features stationery, cards, bookmarks and notebooks.

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