December 22

5 Ways To Look Great In Photos

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Look Great In Photos

I tore this article out of a Good Housekeeping magazine and thought it might be appropriate for this time of year…5 Ways to Look Great in Photos:

Tip 1 – Hide Tired Eyes

If you only have time to do one thing pre-picture, reach for concealer because dark circles only look darker in photos.

Tip 2 – Consider Camera Flash

Shimmery cosmetics can catch the camera flash and create splotches in pictures. Opt for matte products instead.

Tip 3 – Smooth Strands

Don’t let frizz and flyaways ruin your otherwise picture-perfect “do.” Spray a brush with hairspray and quickly run it through your hair.

Tip 4 – Pump Up The Volume

Hair always looks flatter in photos, so flip your head upside down and tousle hair at the roots.

Tip 5 – Smile Genuinely

To keep your grin natural, not forced, pretend you are looking at someone you love instead of the camera lens. Aiming your gaze just above the lens, rather than straight at it will also make the end result look less staged.

I also have 5 tips for looking great in photos. Here are my tips…

Tip 1 – If given the choice between checking my appearance in a mirror or asking my husband, “Do I look alright?” I opt for the mirror.

I’ve spent years training my husband to lie to me about my appearance. Why would I trust him at a time like this?

Tip 2 – If I really look horrible, I encourage a group shot.

I make sure I’m in the second row, stand slightly behind someone, and right when the photographer presses the shutter, I conveniently “disappear” behind the person in front of me.

Tip 3 -I encourage the photographer to shoot the picture from my waist up.

I’ve never had a picture taken of me that’s been improved by having my gut in it.

Tip 4 – Add something cute to take eyes off me.

Grab a kid or a pet and no one notices me in the picture.

Tip 5 – Smile, smile, smile

Whether I think it looks good or not, everyone loves a smiling face.

Daily Inspiration

DI 356

There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams

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