September 17

A Package Arrives

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Freedom W&S Package

Freedom: We have a package?

W&S Package 1

Freedom: It’s from South Africa!

W&S Package 2

Casper: Looks at all those stamps.

W&S Package 3

Casper: It’s from our friends Wallace and Samuel.

Casper W&S Package

Casper: What do you mean you’re painting your brains out and don’t have time to take the necessary blog pictures, so we have to wait!

Nikki W&S Package

Nikki: This blog stuff wears me out. Wake me up when it’s time to open the package.

Note from Mommy: Don’t worry, Freedom, Casper and Nikki won’t have to wait until next Tuesday to get their surprise, but they do have to wait until tomorrow. Blog pictures are important. Check back next Tuesday to see what’s inside the package from Wallace & Samuel.

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