September 24

A Package Opened

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WS Package Nikki

Nikki: Last week, we received a package from our friends Wallace & Samuel. Let’s see what’s inside!

WS Package Revealed

Look at all of these goodies!

WS Treats

Two different kinds of treats.

WS Magnet

An awesome magnet.

WS Placemats

Placemats and…

WS Coasters


WS Package Sit

Standard Blurry “Sit” Photo

Freedom, Casper & Nikki: Let’s get to taste-testing!

WS Package Freedom

Freedom: Yum! We sampled both treats and gobbled them up. Thank you, Wallace & Samuel.

WS Package Casper

Casper: Mom took a picture of a big drool pile on my bed, but decided we could just say “thank you” and not get all graphic. Thank you, Wallace & Samuel.

What a great surprise package. We won this package in celebration of Wallace & Samuel’s first blogaversary. Thank you, Wallace & Samuel. We will enjoy everything you sent us.

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