June 8

Almost Did It

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I almost did it.  I promised that I wasn’t going to sign up for any new classes until I finished all my “girl” and “owl” paintings.  But, I didn’t do it.  The lure of the Artful Gathering was too much for me, and I signed up for Crazy Quilting 101.  I selected this class because it intrigued me, and I’ve never done any crazy quilting before.


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Our instructor is Pat Winter.  Her blog is Pat Winter Gatherings.  The workshop is presented in a series of videos along with handouts (.pdfs) and a discussion forum.  A materials list is available if you want to gather your own supplies, but some of the instructors offer kits.  I purchased a kit since this is outside the type of supplies I have on-hand.  I figured that would be the best value.


I just started watching the videos, so no work done yet.  I haven’t given up finishing my paintings…I’m just weak.

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