September 21

Artists’ Own Gallery

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Every week, I take you on an Artist Date with me. The Artist Date comes from the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Since my head is mush, my Artist Date this week went totally undocument…not even one picture. So, I’m taking you on a past Artist Date that I did while visiting my daughter in West Lafayette, Indiana…Artists’ Own Gallery.

Artists' Own 1

Kathleen Kitch

Artists’ Own is an artist cooperative that opened in 2000. As an artists’ cooperative, the members own and operate the gallery. The artists serve in all capacities of running the gallery operation, including serving as shopkeepers.

Artists' Own 2

Linda LeMar

Works in the gallery include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, photography, furniture, pottery, fiber, glass and drawings.

Artists' Own 3

In 2010, Artists’ Own expanded and opened an art gallery in the adjoining space. Throughout the year, the Artists’ Own artists exhibit in solo or group shows.

Artists' Own 4

Zach Medler

The art gallery is also a place for the artists to explore new mediums and exhibit daring and unconventional work.

Artists' Own 5

When we visited, the gallery featured a community art wall. You could grab a paint pen and add to the ever-evolving piece.

Artists' Own 6

My daughter’s contribution is the wolf to the left of the birdcage, and my future son-in-law’s contribution is the wolf to the right of the birdcage. I thought this was very cool.

Artists' Own 7

Cyndy Clauss

The Artists’ Own Gallery is very inspirational and dangerous to the pocketbook.

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