June 10

Ask Us A Question

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You all leave me wonderful compliments about the projects I’m working on every week.  For that, I thank you.  Those compliments inspire and encourage me.  Now, I have a compliment for all my pet blogger friends who write hilarious, insightful blogs for and about their pets.  This is a unique talent, and you bring joy into the world.  This is a talent I don’t have; however, I’ve been told many times how much everyone enjoys hearing from and about Freedom, Casper, Nikki and Twinkie.   So, here’s your chance to hear from the four-leggers in the house.

Ask Freedom, Casper, Nikki and/or Twinkie a question (or questions).  You can address the question(s) to all of them, or you can ask them a specific question individually.  They’ll review your questions, and I’ll turn the blog over to them next Sunday.  So, what are your questions?

Daily Inspiration

I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.

Edgar Allan Poe

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14 Responses to " Ask Us A Question"

  • Mum would like to ask Casper if he fancies coming to live in the UK with her!
    On a more serious note, what do you all think of little dogs and what is your reaction when you see one outside?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  • Sue says:

    Freedom, Casper and Nikki, Do you all get on together? I’d love to have another Greyhound, but at the moment it’s not possible. Song lights up when she sees another Grey:) Sue & Song

  • houndstooth says:

    Casper, Freedom and Nikki, what are your “official” names? I was wondering if it might be possible that any of us could be related. Also, what do each of you consider to be your must have fashion accessory?


  • houndstooth says:

    P.S. Mom bought a really cute headband at the farmer’s market yesterday and we both thought “Miss Lori could have made that!”

  • Angela J says:

    Freedom, Casper and Nikki – where is your favorite place to go for a walk and has your mom ever tried a triple-lead leash?

    Miss Veil

  • Freedom, Casper and Nikki: where do you get your pawsome collars? Do you all get along? What food do you eat? What’s your favorite treat?
    Twinkie: How do YOU feel about living with 3 dogs?
    DACHSHUND MOMMY: Thanks for the complement on my photo:). I didn’t get the idea from anywhere really. I was just experimenting with silhouettes and thought it might me a neat shot.

  • Penelope says:

    What nationality does your dogs consider themselfs to be?
    Perhaps you could ask them for me and let me know? Just interested to know if they identify with any particular country in the way us cats here do. If they don’t understand the question or are unable to articulate their answer to you then maybe you could tell me what your thoughts are on the subject? Do you consider your furry friends to have a nationality? And, if so, is it the country of their birth or descent or is it your own nationality (as their adopted family)? You see, although me was born in Canada and descends from Thailand or Russia, Mommy considers mes to be English and Metis like her and me doesn’t argue with that.

  • Declan says:

    Twinkie – It’s me, KC! Quick before that B*^%”%d dog realises I’m on his blog. You keep three hounds in line; please tell me your secret…

    Casper, mate, It’s your cuz Dec! If you do decide to come over here and stay with Dip, Bridge & Elliot, do you fancy going out for a pint sometime?

  • Bassetmomma says:

    You three always seem so well behaved. Do you ever have your wild and crazy moments?

  • Patty says:

    Does your Mom walk you all at once? If one of you starts pulling, do the other two pull in other directions? What is the worst thing you have done such as tearing things up or grabbing dinner off the counter?

  • Amy Cross says:

    Casper, freedom and Nikki can you tell the cool story of how and why your parents chose each of you? Bloodlines? Cuteness? Finally realizing you were meant for them? Lol
    You each have a unique story of how you were lucky enough to become a spoiled Lohmeyer houndie!

    Also the Cross girls want an intro to your rakish bloke in England. His accent is dreamy!

  • Looking forward to reading all the answers.

  • I want to ask Casper, Freedom and Nikki their official names, too! Casper looks so much like my Lovely Irene that surely he must be related to her somewhere along the line!

    And I’d like to ask Twinkie what it’s like living with three big dogs!

  • Sue Taylor says:

    I would love to know how each of your hounds came to live with you?

    Sue x

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