April 21

Bait And Switch

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Every Sunday I do a post about my creative journey under the category “Creating the Creator.” Over the years, I’ve done a variety of things…book studies, e-courses, challenges. The last three months, I worked my way through Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. I put a lot into it, so now I’m ready to take a little break and do something fun and different. Last week, I mentioned reading a book on creative writing, but then I saw a post on Audrey Electric about a doll she made and it reminded me of an unfinished project I have. Many years ago I bought four patterns from Hanging by a Thread. I finished one, but never got around to the other three. Now, I want to finish them up. I’m going to save the creative writing books for later and dig into this unfinished project.

Fall Doll & Quilt

The dolls’ names are Seedy Lady, Sunny Lady, Snowy Lady and…I can’t remember the one I finished. Spicy Lady?

Arms Detail

I must have gotten rid of the pattern when I finished her.

Apron Detail

The patterns include instructions for one doll and one mini quilt.

Apple Detail

I love little details, so these are very satisfying because they include loads.

Spice Detail

I don’t think the pattern company is in business any longer because I searched for them and couldn’t find any information.

Gingerbread Detail

I haven’t exercised my sewing skills in quite awhile. Hopefully, it’s like riding a bicycle…something you don’t forget.

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