July 30

Be Pawsitive

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Be Pawsitive Nikki

Nikki: Did I hear the mail carrier? Anything for us?

Mommy: Look at this! You all received a box from Be Pawsitive.

Be Pawsitive Box

Nikki: What’s Be Pawsitive?

Mommy: Be Pawsitive is a monthly subscription box of organic dog treats. Every month, you get a new flavor of Be Pawsitive Treats, delivered right to your door.

Be Pawsitive Box Inside

Mommy: Be Pawsitive Treats have all the things we love:

1. Made in the USA

2. Wheat-free and made with all natural ingredients that are certified organic.

3. Small batch baked (for quality control) in flavors dogs love.

Be Pawsitive Freedom

Freedom: So what exactly is in the box this month?

Mommy: The treats are Power Berry this month.

Be Pawsitive Treats

Mommy: We also got some extra goodies…a “thank you” card, a coupon for a free pet ID tag from Just4MyPet, an edible card by Crunchkins, and a sample of Dog Paws Lotion Bar by My Dog Paws.

Be Pawsitive Extras

Freedom: Please throw the soap away.

Mommy: It’s not soap, it’s a lotion bar for your paw pads.

Freedom: Okay, as long as it doesn’t involve water or changing my lovely natural smell.

Be Pawsitive Casper

Casper: What does this mean on the package? Buy One. Give One.

Mommy: That’s one of the coolest things about Be Pawsitive. When you order an individual box or a subscription for yourself or as a gift, a box is sent to an animal shelter or rescue organization. Every box that is purchased has a matching box that is sent out to doggies in need.

Casper: That is so cool! I love getting treats and knowing that pups who are waiting for their forever homes get treats too. Be Pawsitive is a good idea. Also, we want everyone to know that we got a free Be Pawsitive box to test and review, but our opinions are all our own. We give Be Pawsitive “all paws up.”

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