February 11

Bucket List

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I don’t have a bucket list, but I think it would be fun to do one.  What to include on a bucket list?  Here are some ideas from Memory Makers Magazine, July/August 1999:

Places to travel/things to see

Awards for which to strive

Services to perform/charities to support

Physical goals (weight, size, etc.)

Things to invent or create

People to meet

Things to learn/subjects to study

Accreditation/titles to attain

Events to attend

Mysteries to understand

Fears to conquer

Books to read

Instruments to play

Holidays to celebrate

Art to create

Habits to stop (or start)

Thrills to embrace

Dishes/meals to taste or prepare

Sports in which to participate

Orgnaizations to join/start

Things to own

What are some other fun ideas to consider for a bucket list?  What’s on your bucket list?

Daily Inspirations


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 Abraham Lincoln

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