October 20

Wine Bottle = Ghost



Woman’s Day Special (Halloween Celebration 2011) – Pg 43 (Ghouls)




Wine bottle

Spray paint

Copy paper



1.  Remove the label.  I wrapped the copy paper around the bottle and marked where I wanted the center of the face.  Draw a ghostly face on the copy paper.  Don’t worry about being precise, imperfections will add to the spookiness. 

2.  Cut out the eyes and mouth.  Tape the copy paper pattern to the wine bottle.  Leave it a little loose so the paint lines won’t be as precise.

3.  Spray lightly with the spray paint…even lighter than I did.

4.  Remove the paper pattern.  Fill with flowers or greenery, or use it to hold a candle.  A whole collection of these would be adorable.

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October 13

Paper Bag = Witch’s Broom



Martha Stewart Halloween 2011 – Pg 11 (Brown Bag Brooms)




2 brown paper bags





1.  Unfold one bag and push out the base while folding in the sides.


2.  Cut the bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base.


3.  Cut thin strips into the top inch of the second bag.


4.  Open both bags and place the intact bag inside the shredded one.  If you like, fill with candy.


5.  Insert a small stick inside the bag.  Cinch the tops of both bags and secure with twine.


6.  You have a cute decoration and a fun gift for that extra special trick-or-treater.

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October 6

Toilet Paper Roll = Mummy



Family Fun Halloween 2011 – Pg 36 (Yummy Mummies)




Toilet paper roll

Cardboard (I used a piece of cardboard from a necklace box)

Rolled gauze

Wiggle eyes

White garbage bag

Ribbon (I also used jute)



Box cutter (not shown)


Glue (not shown)


1.  Cut the toilet paper roll in half.


2.  Trace the end of the empty roll on to a piece of cardboard.  Cut out the circle.  I made two mummies, so I cut out two circles.

3.  Tape the circle to the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

4.  Tape the end of the strip of gauze to the toilet paper roll.  Then, wrap it around the roll, gently stretching and twisting the gauze to give it some dimension.  It takes approximately 2-1/2 feet of gauze to wrap the roll.

5.  Tuck the end of the gauze under a nearby layer.  I applied a dot of glue to make sure it was secure.

6.  Glue on the wiggle eyes.

7.  Cut a piece of white garbage bag and tuck it in the roll.  Fill with candy, then tie the top with ribbon or jute.

8.  This is one sweet mummy.  All ready for a special trick-or-treater.



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September 29

Frosting Container = Pencil Cup



A gift my niece made for me for hosting a Stampin’ Up! party.  You can see the inspiration piece at the end of this post.



Frosting container

Craft foam

Craft foam decorations


Scissors (I used a rotary cutting system)

1.  Measure the frosting container.  To measure a round object, take a piece of string and wrap it around the piece.  Lay the string out on a ruler and you have your measurement.  My container measured 3-1/2″ x 10-1/2″.

2.  Cut out a piece of craft foam for the background.  Apply glue to the back.

3.  Wrap the craft foam around the container.

4.  Apply the decorations.

5.  You have a fresh, happy little pencil cup.  Think of all the possibilities.  You can use felt, paper, craft foam or fabric.

This is the inspiration piece.  It has my name on it.

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September 22

T-shirt = Flower



Darice® Jewelry Twists by Wendy Cooper & Marie Vetrano – Four Color Flower with Spray Pin





Scissors (I used a rotary cutting system)



1.  Cut a piece of t-shirt material and remove any seams.

2.  Cut strips approximately 3/4″ wide.


3.  Grab each end of the strip and pull.


4.  Gather strips and stitch the ends together.


5.  Grab both ends and twist until the strand curls around itself.


6.  Secure both ends in back with needle and thread.


7.  Repeating Steps 1-3, make a few strips in another color.  Loop together and stitch to secure.


8.  Stitch to the back of the flower.  That’s it.  Super simple and the size and color choices are up to you.


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September 15

Plastic Bag = Gift Topper



blah to TADA! – Floral Accent



Plastic shopping bag



Piece of cardboard

Button (not pictured)

1.  Cut a circle from the cardboard for the base.  Mine is about 2″ diameter.

2.  Cut a variety of large and small petals.  I cut 9 large and 9 small.

3.  Apply glue to the cardboard base.  Scrunch the bottom of the petal and apply to the base.

4.  Continue applying the petals around the cardboard base.,

5.  Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for the inner part of the flower.

6.  Glue something pretty in the middle of the flower.  I used a black button.  Apply doublestick tape to the base and add to your package.  You never have to go without a pretty package decoration again.

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September 8

Glass Vase = Exotic Vase



Creating Fantastic Vases by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott – Pg 85 (Equisetum Columns)




Glass vase

Decorative paper


Glue (I also used Glue Dots)



1.   Cut a strip of decorative paper to wrap around  the vase.  Apply glue dots.  Because my strip of paper wraps around my vase with no overlap, I put glue dots on both ends.  Ideally, you want your paper strip ends to overlap so you don’t see the glue dots on the inside of the vase.

2.  Wrap the paper strip around the vase and secure.

3.  Cut 12 bamboo pieces the height of the vase.

4.  Tie 3 pieces of bamboo together with the twine, for a total of 4 bundles.

5.  Trim and fluff the twine tails.

6.  Apply glue to the bamboo bundles at the point where you will adhere the bundles to the vase.

7.  Glue the bundles on the paper.  To space the bundles evenly, glue on the first bundle.  Then, glue the second bundle on to the paper directly across from the first bundle.  Glue the third bundle in between the first two bundles, then glue the fourth bundle directly across from the third bundle.

8.  Let your imagination run wild.  Just think of all the different looks you can achieve, depending on the paper you use and the decorative elements.


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September 1

Old Book = Custom Canvas



Crafted Love – DYI | Newspaper Art


Old book






1.  Tear pieces for the background.  I used a fun tool from Stampin’ Up! called “The Tearing Edge.”

2.  Paint a thin layer of découpage on the area where you want to apply your first piece.  Put down your torn piece and apply découpage over the top of the paper. 

3.  Continue adding pieces until the entire canvas is covered.   I did the edges first, then the center.  Allow to dry.

4.  Add your design.  I used foam stamps and black paint to apply the word “Imagine.”   Check out the “inspiration” piece on Crafted Love for a different look.

5.  The possibilities are endless.  Quickly and inexpensively you can create a “just right” piece for your home or office.

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August 25

Photograph = Pet Silhouette



FreshStyle (Summer 2011 – Southern Lady Special) – Pg 26 (Pet Portraits)



Cardstock (2 colors)





1.  Cut out the shape of your pet’s silhouette.

2.  Place it on a piece of cardstock, and trace the outline.

3.  Cut out the silhouette.

4.  Cut a piece of cardstock to fit your frame.  Glue your pet’s silhouette on the cardstock background.

5.  Put the picture in the frame and you have a very special, unique silhouette.  The really cool part, you can pick  fabulous color combinations!  My pretty model…that’s Zonda (my friend Amy’s houndie and my Paloma’s sister).


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August 18

Glass Vase = Reverse Paint Vase



FreshStyle (Summer 2011 – Southern Lady Special) – Pg 27 (Color Wonder)



Glass vase

Glass paint

Rubbing alcohol

Drying rack (I used a cookie rack)

Plastic bag (something to catch paint drips)

1.  Clean the vase and rinse the inside with rubbing alcohol.  Allow to dry.


2.  Pour paint into the bottle and shake it around.  I found it helpful to tamp the vase on a folded towel to move the paint around.


3.  Allow excess paint to drip out.  I found the Martha Stewart paint thick, so I didn’t have any drip out.  Allow to dry.  The glass paint needs to cure for 21 days. 

4.  Isn’t it lovely!  A fun, easy way to make a cute home décor accent.

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