August 12

Closets – Studio Closet (After)

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This week, I started cleaning my studio closet and my studio.  I was overwhelmed with this project.  My blessing and my curse is that I am interested in everything.  A key for me is to begin to focus on the projects and skills I love the most.  Right now, it is painting, yarn vases, flowers and mixed-media bottles.  As I was sorting through my supplies, I kept this in mind.  I still have more work to do in my studio, but I got a good start with the closet.  Here are the “befores” and “afters:”


Left Side (Before)


Left Side (After)


Right Side (Before)


Right Side (After)

Daily Inspiration


 History is a cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories of man.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

About the photo (taken on August 12)…I volunteer at the Center For History as a docent.  I was there today and took this picture of the front of the building.  The facade is made to resemble row houses.

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