June 15

Copshaholm Gardens – Spring

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Spring Garden 1

Every Saturday, I share my weekly Artist Date.

Spring Garden 2

I volunteer at the Center for History and give tours at Copshaholm (The Oliver Mansion).

Spring Garden 3

Copshaholm’s gardens are the perfect place for an Artist Date.

Spring Garden 4

This year, I’m going to document four Artist Dates in the Copshaholm gardens…one for every season.  In March, I posted about my Winter Artist Date.

Spring Garden 5

The centerpiece of the grounds is the sunken garden which is representative of Edwardian period gardens with their rigid formality in overall design and the use of classical design elements.

Spring Garden 6

Alice E. Neale was hired to plan the original garden design. Neale’s design was informed by Charles Adams Platt’s 1894 book Italian Gardens which had a major influence on American garden design.

Spring Garden 7

Platt’s influence can be seen in the abundance of classical elements found in the Italianate gardens which sprung up across the country in the early 1900s.

Spring Garden 8

At Copshaholm, the pergola, the jardinières which grace the garden steps, the fountain, the well and the sundial are all classical element.

Spring Garden 9

The meticulous design for each planting bed and the limited number of plant varieties used reflected the discipline, reserve, understatement and clarity of structure that were hallmarks of Edwardian gardens.

Spring Garden 10

The Center for History is built on the back of the Oliver property, and the spirit of beautiful garden design continues.

Spring Garden 11

The Copshaholm gardens are one of my favorite places for an Artist Date.

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