April 14

Craft Fair Checklist

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This week, I’ve been getting ready for the All Things Handmade & Vintage Spring Market.  My mind has been busy trying to think of all the details so I don’t forget anything.  So, for this Saturday’s list…a craft fair checklist.

Note:  I’m preparing for a 6-foot table space.


Table, chair, table cloth, table skirt, plate stands, doilies, items for sale, snack table

Support/Promotional Supplies

Business cards & holder, pen(s), scissors, tape measure, tape, change & change box, calculator, sales receipt book, extra price tags, bags, tissue paper,


Camera, something to drink & eat, sweater, something to work on.

Future Things


This list is a work-in-progress.  If you’ve done shows before or you just have an organized mind, let me know if you notice anything I’ve missed.

Daily Inspiration


We can’t plan life.  All we can do is be available for it.

Lauryn Hill

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