March 3

Creating A Life Worth Living – Part 9

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I’m reading Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. I picked this book because I’m trying to figure out the place I want painting to play in my life.

This week…Chapter 8, “Goals,” redefines goals and then guides you through the process of conceiving a single, long-term goal, reflecting your most important creative aspiration.

Creating a Life Worth Living Book

Whenever I think of setting goals, I tend to feel defeated right from the start. I love the author’s thoughts on goals…

“Old-fashioned, boring goals stink. But well-crafted, creative goals–that’s a different thing altogether. They are tantalizing, provocative, and gorgeous. They are little aesthetic worlds perfectly shaped from your own desire. They are works of art designed and created for a single person: you. You create them for your own benefit, your own excitement and joy. And just like a successful work of art, a creative goal should provoke you to new insights and new experiences.”

Library Stairway

Here are the parameters of a good creative goal:

1. It lies within the arc of your faith.

2. It is rich in visual and emotional imagery.

3. It is in the area that excites you the most.

4. It’s objective.

5. It is an event or an occurrence that happens in time.

The author then gives you a framework to write out your goal:



Means of Support:

Desire (What’s at the heart of this goal?):


Here is my goal:

Goal: I sell my art at art fairs…anywhere I choose…five or six a year, and I offer instruction and inspiration to other artists through workshops, online courses and in publications.

Timeline: Two years.

Means of Support: My husband’s and my current jobs.

Desire: I want to sell my one-of-a-kind paintings because it is exciting for me to create them and then find a customer that feels a special attraction to a particular piece. I want my artwork to be a source of income into retirement and selling my paintings will give me a reason to continue to paint and learn. I want to sell my paintings at art fairs because I want to meet other artists and make new friends, and I love the idea of meeting my customers and selling directly to them, face-to-face. I want to travel and see different parts of the country. I want to share my art and the spirit behind it with others. I want to inspire people to create and embrace their own unique abilities and vision. I want to help people see the sacred aspects of creativity. I want to teach because I always learn more than I teach and it’s fun to watch people learn new things. I want to be open to new opportunities and possibilities. I want to be generous with my time, talents and resources.

Images: I see myself preparing for and then traveling to a new location and show. I have everything nicely organized and ready, so it’s fun. I enjoy the excitement of the event and getting to meet new people (other artists and customers). Before and after the show, I enjoy seeing a few local sites. Between shows, I enjoy painting, writing and working on creative projects. I receive exciting new proposals, and I get to pick and choose the ones that I can best contribute to. There’s always something new to look forward to.

Now, I want to get this goal written out and pinned up in my studio. I want to keep it in front of me.

I’ll admit, it feels a little freaky to write this out and put it out into the world, but that’s only because it makes my inner critic uncomfortable. Take that, inner critic!

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12 Responses to " Creating A Life Worth Living – Part 9"

  • Inner critics are evil!

    The most traditionally creative thing I do is the blog. I wanted to do one for a long time but I didn’t because I thought, “Who would want to read this? What if I mess up? Do I really have the time?” etc., etc., etc. Stupid inner critic!

    Using a much more informal process that the method you describe in your post, I finally figured out why I wanted to do a blog, what my goals were, and I used that as an action plan to get it started. I’m glad I did!

    I hope you get to where you want to be. It looks like you’re doing great from here!

  • I love reading these!

  • sue taylor says:

    We are always are own worst critics, your work is beautiful and I’m sure you will have fun going to art fairs. Believe !!!!

    Sue x

  • Kat says:

    Agreed! Inner critics are evil. Tell us stupid messages. Kudos to you for putting this down in black and white and sending it out into the ether to share with us 😀 Let me know when you want to plan an art fair in coastal NC! 😀

  • We agree the inner critic does us no favours but you kind of learn to ignore. Go for it! Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  • Veronica says:

    I already see you sitting under one of those EZ Up tents with a lovely display of paintings and a bunch of people trying to crowd under your tent! Go get ’em!

  • houndstooth says:

    I know what you mean. I felt the same way talking about our therapy dog goals! I can definitely see you traveling and selling your art. Maybe you need to start painting dogs into them, then you could go to all the Greyhound events and sell there! 😉

  • I said it before….I really need this book. It seems we sit down every couple of months and lay out goals. They just never seem to totally end up the way we want. I heard a great thing at a blogging conference a few years ago. Picture where you want to be in 2 years, then work backwards.

  • Hope you achieve everything you have set out to. They look like great goals and the book is very positive and helpful.
    Those inner critics are evil 🙂
    Lynne x

  • Sue says:

    You have to dream extravagantly, then you will amaze even yourself.

  • Fern Reed says:

    You are going to be great out there and you will sell lots of paintings and I am so proud of you for doing something that is not easy!!!
    You go girl!!!

  • It is a dream until you put it down in words, now it is a goal . . . wishing you all the success at reaching it! You have taken the first step of setting it, I am sure the rest will be fun! Enjoy!

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