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Creating A Life Worth Living – Wrap Up

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Creating a Life Worth Living Book

Last week, I finished reading Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. This week, I wanted to do a wrap up post to remind myself of what I liked about and learn from this book. At its core, this book is about setting and accomplishing goals, but I appreciated its focus on the creative person.

One of the most powerful chapters for me was Chapter 4 which discussed the “Artistic Profiles.” I believe we serve best when we work in our strengths. Understanding who I am as an artist is critical to crafting a productive, joyful and sustainable artistic enterprise.

I also loved Chapter 9 that gave me the storyboard planning model for mapping out my goals and projects. This was new to me and really fits the way I think.

Finally, Chapter 11 spoke to me. This chapter dealt with setting up support systems to sustain you. I’m still working on finding a partner, and I will work on this until I do because I think this is a vital step in my progression and sustainment as an artist.

I loved this book. I enjoyed how it moved me through the process of defining my creative life and goals, understanding myself as an artist and how it covered the things that could trip me up, along with ideas on how to deal with those challenges.

Next week, I’ll tell you what I’m considering for my next series of Sunday posts…once I figure it out. I’m open to hear ideas.

Last week, I shared a list from the book of “Six Tips for Staying in the Process.” I didn’t write out an explanation of each item and some of you were intrigued by the titles of the tips. Here is more information.

1. Embrace Inspired Procrastination

When you’re pushing yourself to accomplish a goal, you may be struck by an inspiring idea of something else you’d rather do. Sometimes you should give in and follow this idea of inspired procrastination. It may lead to something wonderful.

2. Roll with the Punches

There won’t always be a direct path to your goals. Let the momentum of your creations carry you. Sometimes the long path to your dreams is the path that proves best and smoothest.

3. Accept Your Stubbornness

Know what you’re willing and unwilling to do.

4. Don’t Dis Your Opportunities

Don’t devalue the opportunities that come your way. Don’t be tempted to think that everyone else is getting better offers and opportunities.

5. Relish Confusion

The creative life and adventure always has an element of confusion. It’s not just you.

6. Ward Off Panic with a Profane Mantra

When you’re seized by fear, you can fight these feelings with a profane (or sacred) mantra that you repeat to yourself (silently) while you carry out the task that’s making you fearful…similar to imaging your audience as buck naked.

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