July 4

Creative Is a Verb…Catch Fire

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Throughout this year (2011), I’m reading and working through books about creativity in order to reignite my creative spirit.  Currently, I’m reading Creative Is a Verb by Patti Digh.  This week’s reading covers the fourth creative commitment, Catch Fire: Please Lick the Art.  The sections within this chapter are: (1) FedEx leaves to someone, (2) Be like Mary Alice, (3) Do, or do not, (4) Please lick the art, (5) Carry your own tuba, and (6) Jump your mask off.

It’s all about passion this week.  Patti illustrates her points about being, discovering and doing what we’re passionate about with these images:

  • The lines in a coloring book.  What lines stop you or rein you in?
  • A box of leaves sent to her by her husband.  What do you do to create surprise in your life and the lives of others.
  • A dear friend whose every aspect (home, art, spirit, appearance) reflected her passion.  Does your life reflect your passion?
  • A game called “Goats and Bananas” where the participants’ “intention” in the way they delivered their lines completely changed the tone, nuance and mood of the “play.”  What are your intentions in life?  What direction are they taking you?
  • A book you wish you’d written; a painting you wish you’d painted.  What piece of art makes your heart soar.  Why does it do that to you?  How does it make you feel?  What’s the impact on you?
  • Patti’s daughter wanting to play the trombone.  How do your unconscious and deep-seated beliefs about normalcy effect and perhaps limit you?
  • Phiippe Halsman’s photographs of people jumping.  Capture a picture of yourself jumping.  When you jump, character that is otherwise hidden is revealed.

A quote that stood out to me this week is, “Be passionate in your life.  The passion in your art will follow.”  After each section in a chapter, Patti offers a few creative challenges…some that you can do quickly and some that you may want to incorporate into your life for a longer period.  Patti calls the longer exercises “Give yourself 37” (as in 37 days).  I was thrilled to take on all these challenges for the next 37 days:

  • Write a thank you note every day to someone.
  • Seek ways to make your clothes, your house, your car a reflection of who you are.
  • Try to eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary.
  • Get close to something or someone–give yourself over.
  • What messages did you get as a child about what boys could do, or what girls could do?
  • How could you surprise yourself every day?

What happens when you open yourself up to changing your life?  Is everyone supportive?  NOPE!  If you’ve ever embraced your faith in God, lost weight, changed your life in any way, you’ve gotten “push back” from someone.  Change scares people because in order to accept our change, they must change themselves.  When I first started this creative journey, I found myself sensitive to how others reacted to the change I was incorporating into my life; but the more I get into it, the less I am affected.  Not because I don’t care for the people who would rather me “not change,” but because feeling passion in my life is its own reward.  Passion leads us to our purpose and it’s all in the journey!

My pictures this week are: (1) My wedding day…a perfect illustration of a time when you feel passionate about someone and a change in life, and (2) The flower basket on my front porch.  I purchased this beautiful white petunia, but when watering it yesterday, I noticed that a little red patch had bloomed.  It made me laugh because it seemed to illustrate passion breaking out.

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5 Responses to " Creative Is a Verb…Catch Fire"

  • houndstooth says:

    So true that there will always be those who “push back”! I think you’re right, though, that the more you immerse yourself in it, the less that bothers you.

    I love the red flowers! It seems like a sign that you’re on the right path! Your wedding picture is lovely, too!

  • love your 37 challenges. hope you’ll keep us posted on how that’s going.

    i also love your wedding pic, especially the fact that you’re wearing sunnies 🙂

    hope you had a great holiday weekend xox

  • Sherry says:

    You know what’s really weird? I think I wore those exact same shoes when I got married! And your flowers are beautiful- great picture!

    • lori says:

      That’s why we’re friends…similar tastes. I had those shoes years before my wedding, and I still have them! Now that is value for your shoe dollar.

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