May 15

Creative Space – After (Part 4)

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Bookcases – After

Here’s what I’m work on this month in my creative space.  If you’re new to What Remains Now or just want a review, here’s what’s happened so far…January, February, March and April.

One of my goals is to get all the things I work with into this space.  That hasn’t happened so far, and I haven’t been working on projects as I would like to be doing.  I’ve been slowly gathering things up, but mainly I’ve been using my creative space more as a dumping ground.  Here’s what that starts to looks like if you don’t have a plan.

Bookcases – Before

It’s evident to me that I need to get to work on storage.  I’m currently re-doing the closet, so that will play an important role, but I wanted to get this mess cleaned up before it became a big problem.  One of the most important steps in organizing and creating a system that works is setting limits and having a specific place for everything.  This is critical for me because I have “hoarder” tendencies.  Setting limits makes it easier for me to see when I’m getting out of control.

The following list is not complete; it’s just a place for me to start thinking.  Here’s what I need space for:

1.  Items I’ve purchased to re-purpose (top shelves of bookcases)

2.  Supplies like buttons, ribbon, wire, etc. (bookcase shelves and drawers)

I found these great containers at Target.  They fit perfectly in the drawers.

3.  Fabric & yarn (closet)

4.  Items listed on Etsy (closet)

5.  Projects I’m working on (bookcase shelves)

6.  Patterns and inspiration files (bookcase shelves and closet)

7.  Paint, glue, brushes, etc. (bookcase shelves)

The only thing I did this month for the closet was select and purchase the paint.  I’m painting it “Season’s Promise” a fresh yellow-y green.

I’m going to quit goofing around with this and get all my things gathered up so I know what I have.  Let’s see what I have to show you in June!

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6 Responses to " Creative Space – After (Part 4)"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I think your space is still looking great! Mine has a few things left to do to it, too!

    Ooooo! I am so excited! I got the last copy of Mess at our bookstore last night. I almost got the Wreck This Journal book, too, and I still may go back and work on it. Did you have anybody else interested in doing stuff with the book when you posted about it? I was contemplating doing some posts on Pink Sunshine with it as a tag along.

    • lori says:

      Thank you for the compliment. Posting about my creative space every month is keeping me moving forward. I need that.

      I did not hear from anyone else about Mess. I would highly recommend it though! I also saw Wreck This Journal. In fact, I think I saw that one first. I plan to continue on with Keri Smith and her wonderful materials. It would be interesting to link to your posts/observations about the book. It has me thinking about all kinds of things!

  • jenny says:

    love the color!!!! i’ve used it as an accent in almost every room. it looks great with red! hope things go well with your organizing.

    • lori says:

      Thank you, Jenny. I never thought of it looking good with red, but what doesn’t look good with red!

  • hello,

    i just wanted to say A Big Thank You for your messages over at my somewhat messy blog over the last few weeks. they were much appreciated. i also noticed you popped by at rajashree’s blog. you’re obviously A Very Kind Person. that, i think, is a much greater virtue than neatness :p

    i have some shelves that desperately need clearing too. fortunately, they hide behind doors. it helps that The Other Half is a hoarder, so any overloaded cupboards and mess can always be blamed on him. works a treat.

    have a lovely week! 🙂

    • lori says:

      To Georgia Little Pea’s mommy (aka The Typist)…I’m so sorry for the loss of Rufus. Your writing shows your understanding and love for your four-legged “kids.” Thank you for visiting and the nice compliment. For me, kindness is easier than neatness, so I’m glad it’s the greater virtue :).

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