July 10

Creative Space Organization (Part 1)

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I’ve been dreading this!  One of my goals is to get all my crafting supplies into my creative space; so this weekend I started the process of gathering things up and sorting through what I have.  Here’s what was just in the basement.  Yikes!


Organizing a large project like this is difficult for me because I’m a detail person.  THIS overwhelms a detail person.  The process outlined in the book Organizing from the Inside Out has been helpful to me in the past.  I wrote about the steps the book takes you through in my June 26th post.  Before you start sorting and organizing, you plan and define your “activity zones.”  Here’s the outline of my zones:

Activity – Writing/Blogging

Supplies – Desk, computer, printer, files, notes, resources

Storage Units – Desk and desk drawers, file cabinet or box

Activity – Creating

Supplies – Craft supplies, table, inspirational items, instructions and patterns

Storage Units – Totes, shelves, containers, bulletin board, magnetic board, file cabinet or box, binders, magazine holders

Activity – Library/Planning/Quiet Time/Being with the Houndies (and Twinkie the kitty)

Supplies – Comfortable chair, lamp, books, paper, pens, dog beds

Storage Units – Shelves, basket for reading & writing material, floor space

Activity – Business

Supplies – Computer, camera, light box, files

Storage Units – Desk, file cabinet, not sure about the light box

Activity – Shipping/Mailing

Supplies – Table, boxes & packing materials, postage scale, labels

Storage Units – Shelves, tote

I find this helpful because it makes me think about what I want to accomplish in a space and helps me set limits.  A huge surprise to me…the “Shipping/Mailing” activity zone.  As I build my Etsy shop, I don’t want to be scrambling for a box and packing materials.  I also don’t want them scattered all over the house.  A new thing…the Library/Planning/Quiet Time/Being with the Houndies” activity zone.  Although I’ll still do some work while watching TV or at the kitchen table, I want to have a place that is quiet and where I have storage for my notebooks, magazines, etc., instead of by my seat in the Family Room (very messy).

I imagine this post will hit you in one of two ways:

Way #1 – You’re having trouble understanding why I’m taking up so much time thinking about this when I should just get in there and get the room cleaned up and organized…pronto!

Way #2 – You totally get my laborious process and are even a little amazed at how much progress I’m making.

Way #1 folks…This is how the other half lives.  Feel good that this isn’t your burden.  Your decisiveness and ability to get things done inspires me, even if it is beyond my grasp.  Way #2 folks…You’re not alone in the world and there is hope.


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4 Responses to " Creative Space Organization (Part 1)"

  • houndstooth says:

    I think I’m a bit of both! I plan things and think them through, but in chunks as I’m doing part of the task. I guess my mind is skipping ahead to what the next part of the process will be, if that makes sense! You’re going to get there, I just know it!

    • lori says:

      That sounds like a good way to be! I’m the tortoise, slow and steady I’ll get it done. I’m determined. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • jenny says:

    guess i’m a little of both also-i spend a lot of time thinking about starting-otherwise i end up just moving stuff around. i feel better about my stuff after seeing your pile-i kept thinking-“she doesn’t have enough stuff!” but then i’m a borderline hoarder!! know your room will look great!

    • lori says:

      Thank you, fellow borderline hoarder! That’s something that always slows me down. I want to hang on to stuff, even if I don’t need it. I’m setting limits in this space though, so I don’t get out of control.

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