August 14

Creative Space Organization (Part 2)

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Unfortunately, a broken fuel pump on my vehicle caused my plans to change this weekend.  The day didn’t go to waste though.  I FINALLY installed my closet system…well, sort of.  I’m notorious for thinking through an organizational project and then purchasing the wrong things.  For instance, see those nice long 70″ shelf bracket supports…I initially purchase 48″ shelf bracket supports!  I’ve learned to buy the bare minimum and add from there.

I’m thinking I’ll add three more shelves.  I’ll only add one at a time because as stated above, I’m horrible with this particular step in the planning process.  I also add a few more totes.

If you recall my original post on this project.  The closet isn’t the only area that needs attention.  I do believe it is an important part though.  Not only will it be my primary storage area, it will help me set limits on what I can have and keep and that’s very important for a little hoarder like me.  A big improvement over what I started with, wouldn’t you say!

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One Response to " Creative Space Organization (Part 2)"

  • houndstooth says:

    I am really sorry you didn’t get to go to 3G! I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun!

    I think you’ve got a great plan with the closet. I have one that I use for storage, too, but I never thought about putting shelves in it. Right now I just have a collection of storage totes in there, but I might have to look for some shelving!

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