October 13

Creative Thursday – Week 5

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading the book Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne. I finished the book this week.

Creative Thursday is a book about learning to make creativity a daily habit.

Creative Thursday

Chapter 9, Tracking Progress, talks about feelings of being overwhelmed when you start a regular routine of creativity. One of my favorite things about this chapter is Marisa’s encouragement that like the story of the hare and the tortoise, “slow and steady wins the race.” I certainly have seen the truth of this in my life. Sometimes, I truly feel I’m accomplishing nothing or I’m doing things too slowly, but as I’ve seen, those small actions add up.

Chapter 10, Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, encourages us to remember that trying different things can add immeasurably to our creative wellspring and keep us growing.

Creative Thursday was a nice book, especially if you’re just starting a creativity practice.

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