December 19

Creative Time and Space…Week 10

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This week, I read the final chapter in Creative Time and Space by Ricë Freeman-Zachary.  “Taking It on the Road: Sometimes You Really Can Take It With You,” explores how and if artists can ever “get away from it all.”  The overwhelming answer from the artists was “NO,” they can’t get away from their creative work and more importantly, they don’t want to get away from it.  They may take a break from the “manual” aspect of creating, but not from the mental aspect of creating.  That makes sense to me.  When you choose to live a life of creativity, every aspect of your life is imbued with the creative spirit.  But all the artists spoke of the value of tuning out certain aspects of work, either to open their hearts and minds to new ideas and inspirations or as a time to refresh themselves.  Regardless of the type of “break” they take, the tools that always go with them are a notebook and a camera.

In general, relaxing is not something I have trouble with.  In fact, “not relaxing” is more of a challenge for me.  This year, whenever I’ve had to go away from home, I’ve found that time to be valuable planning and dreaming time.  Currently, my dream vacation would be an artist’s retreat that combined classes and relaxation; but regardless of what opportunities come my way, I will bring a creative mind and heart.

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