October 31

Creative Time and Space…Week 3

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This week’s reading from Creative Time and Space by Ricë Freeman-Zachary was “Corralling Time: Sometimes You Need a Whip and Spurs.”  Ricë looks at how artists schedule their time (or don’t) and how they set goals (or don’t).  It was interesting to read about the different styles and methodologies used by the featured artists.  Some chafe under a schedule and some flourish.  It was clear…you have to discover what works for you.  You also have to realize that what works at one point in your life, may not work at another.

I’m feeling that tension now.  For years, the best way for me to keep track of things was with a monthly calendar.  It was simple, it kept me on track, and it gave me a good overview of how well I was balancing things.  Things are changing in my life.  I have new goals and projects that need to be broken down into smaller steps to keep me focused, to make the projects do-able, and to keep them in front of me and moving along the track.  I’m currently playing around with some new ideas and systems.

Monthly Calendar

I still love a monthly calendar to schedule events and activities.  It allows me to see if I have “breathing” room or if I’m getting too many things on my plate.

Goal/Project Sheets

I haven’t utilized these in years, but now I’m finding that they are needed.

Daily & Weekly Calendar

This has become necessary to keep me on track with the step-by-step actions of my new goals and projects.  I just bought a new calendar that has all three…daily, weekly and monthly.

Separate Calendars

Currently, I have only one calendar I keep separate…the one I use to plot out my blog posts.


This is something I’m playing around with…things like dream boards, lists of goals, projects I need inspiration for.

To Do List

I like to keep one of these around to make notes on for errands, calls, household tasks, shopping lists, etc.

In the past, I thought that if I could find the “right” system, all would be well in my world.  The truth is, as life changes, so do my systems for keeping track of things.  I keep my eyes and ears open and give things a try.  I would love to hear how you keep track of things.  What is the best way you’ve found to keep things moving and balanced in your life?

New Things I’m Doing In November

I had a wonderful time in October participating in Blogtoberfest and the Creative Collective’s Spooktacular October challenge.  I’m adding three new challenges to my “What I’m Doing” list for November.

First up is Art Every Day Month sponsored by Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Everyday.  The challenge is to create art every day for 30 days.  I’ll share a picture and a brief comment at the end of every post during the month of November.

I’m also participating in the Creative {Collective}’s Handmade Decoration Swap.

Next, is a challenge issued by Mayzie of Mayzie’s Dog Blog called Rescue Me Week.  In honor of Mayzie’s Grampa J (who loved animals very much), Mayzie is offering the opportunity to do two things.  First, talk about an animal that needs a forever home of their very own.  Second, get the opportunity to win $100 for the rescue group of your choice.  For every pet that is featured, November 7-11, Mayzie will give the blog one entry (up to five) for a chance to win!  I’m playing for Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan, the rescue group where Freedom, Casper and Nikki came from!  Starting on Monday, November 7, through Friday, November 11, I’ll feature a Greyhound that is available for adoption at the end of each post.


The final activity is Blogville’s 2011 Christmas/Holiday Card Exchange.  My blog straddles a couple different categories and one of those is “pet blogs.”  Of all the blogs I read, the pet blogs are my favorite.  That’s where I began reading blogs, and the writers of pet blogs are the friendliest, kindest people I know.  I am blessed that they let me and my quirky little blog join in on the fun.  Head over to HoundDogMom and the HoundDogs for all the details.  The deadline for sign-up is November 19.

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5 Responses to " Creative Time and Space…Week 3"

  • Kari says:

    I have a weekly/monthly calendar that holds my personal life. everything from pet sitting to dr appts. What it doesnt have in there is blog posts. I dont pre write them – I write them that morning and post them. Im a huge slacker with this. I know several bloggers that have post written a month in advance!!! Ive seen some really cool blog organizers to help you keep track of stuff but I am just not sure I would use it since everything on my blog is always spare of the moment.
    Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your blog?! 🙂

    • lori says:

      Thank you, Kari. Keeping track of our “modern” lives is such a dynamic process. I’m trying to learn to embrace the fact that I need to review on a regular basis, what works and what doesn’t.

  • houndstooth says:

    I used to be able to keep track of a calendar, but just writing it all down overwhelmed me! lol I keep dates on my phone now, and that seems to work for me.

    Well, who wouldn’t love you and your blog? I mean, really, what’s not to love?

    • lori says:

      Thank you, Carrie. I know what you mean about that overwhelmed feeling. I’m just starting to play around with the “goal setting” process again, and I don’t like it. I think the reason I don’t like it is because it seems like too much. I keep telling myself, “It’s just a roadmap…relax!”

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