November 14

Creative Time and Space…Week 5

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I’m working my way through the book, Creative Space and Time by Ricë Freeman-Zachary.  This week, I read the chapter “Jumpstarting Time: A Nudge to Get Going When You’re Spinning Your Wheels.”  In last week’s reading, Ricë talked to the featured artists about what they do when they hit a dry spell.  This week, the artists shared about what they do when they find themselves in a creative rut…the creativity is there; it’s just not going anywhere.

The solutions the artists use include, (1) Rest…stepping away from creative work, business and media; (2) Going to the source of their inspiration…idea files, art books, nature, journals and sketch books; and (3) Challenging themselves…a new technique, color or business move.  The main point is to play, experiment and spend a little time in the world of “What if?” to shake things up.

This chapter is a bit ahead of where I’m at.  Creatively, I haven’t determined a style.  All my work falls into the category of play and experimentation.  It’s fun and the pressure is low, since I don’t do my work as a business.  Carter Seibels made an interesting point when she commented about the “making-art-and-making-a-living” combination and its ability to produce all kinds of “rut-inducing” problems.  Carter said, “Reconciling those two parts of your art can be tough–one of the reasons it’s a good idea to stop and think about whether you really want to make art your career or whether you’re perfectly content to keep the two completely separate.”

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