December 5

Creative Time and Space…Week 8

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So far, in reading Creative Time and Space by Ricë Freeman-Zachary, I’ve explored Time: (1) my attitude about what “time” means; (2) how I prioritize the things my time gets used for; (3) how other artists schedule and use their time; (4) what to do when I have time, but no ideas; and (5) what I can do if I’m stuck in a creative rut; and Space: (1) mental space, the space my art and creativity occupy inside my head; and (2) how to nurture that mental space and fill it with excitement and new ideas and endeavors.  This week, I read “Real Space: Where Art Happens,” and now we’re in the physical world and the spaces where we do our work.

The featured artists, without exception, spoke about the importance of having a space that is entirely your own…small or large.  Ricë offers up a fun exercise to help identify what you need and want in your work space.  Pretend you can have everything you want, then plan your perfect studio…your dream studio.  Draw out a floor plan and record everything you can think of with regards to the space.  When you’re finished, circle the most important elements.  I thought this was a great way to identify how you want your space to work, how you want your space to feel and the important elements that must be included.  Another consideration…how neat do you have to be.

This year, I committed myself to reconnecting with my creativity.  In addition to reconnecting with my “creative” side, I’ve been working on sorting out how I want my creativity to manifest itself.  Do I want to focus on writing, or do I want to focus on creating beautiful things.  I’ve also been working on my “creative space” this year.  It has been a slow process but a rewarding one. I found the “dream studio” exercise fun and informative.  I may not be able to have everything I want, but I can make sure all the important elements are there.  Also, I know that I have to keep a neat studio.  I love the look and idea of a full, jumbled, artsy studio, but I know from experience that if I start accumulating too much, I become more interested in “acquiring” than “creating.”  I also see value in forcing myself to use what I have.

I would love to hear about where you create and any words of wisdom.

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4 Responses to " Creative Time and Space…Week 8"

  • houndstooth says:

    Excellent post today!

    Since what I’m doing a lot right now is photography, I have tried to create space to take pictures in my space. One thing I want to do is organize some of my props better, but that’s kind of been tough to do. I mean, really, how do you store pink feathered wings? I don’t want it to get cluttered and I fight that battle with my husband on a semi regular basis, since he thinks he can dump every empty storage box wherever he chooses. I love that Bunny likes coming up there and joining me, too. I think the one most important thing I need to get for me to keep enjoying it is a space heater, too! It’s pretty drafty up there.

    • lori says:

      I wondered where you were setting up those nice backdrops. I should have been able to figure it out because I knew you had claimed your studio upstairs. I’m a little slow sometimes. I’m thinking the storage thing is always an ongoing challenge. I am glad that I currently don’t have to figure out pink feathered wings storage. You did your good deed for today.

  • Yes- This year I finally made the space in an extra bedroom “My Studio.”

    Having the set up and a “Room of my Own” to create art has made a HUGE impact on how much I create.

  • Sweet William The Scot & Lee says:

    Helloooo Freedom, Casper & Nikki ~ I got your wonderful Season’s Greeting Card today. You were my 5th snail mail card. Your are three handsome Greyhounds. With my short legs I really look up to you all.
    We have a Reindog Parade here in Cincinnati also. Thank You Very Much For The Card.
    Sweet William The Scot

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