October 12

Dewey Beach 2012 – The Players

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We just returned from eight glorious days in Dewey Beach, Delaware.  We went on vacation with our friends, Tyler and Amy, and their houndies.  Our main objective was Greyhounds Reach the Beach, a greyhound get-together October 3-6, and we stayed for a few extra days of rest and relaxation.

Casper:  Uhm, mom?

Mom:  Yes, Casper?

Casper:  Can I tell everyone about my friends?

Mom:  Well, okay.  Everyone, here is Casper to tell you who was with us on vacation.

The Lohmeyer Pack – Nikki, Casper & Freedom

Casper:  Hello everyone.  Casper here to tell you about my friends who I took a vacation with.  You’ll notice that there are a lot of parallels between the Lohmeyer pack and the Cross pack.

Miura – Head of the Cross pack

Casper:  This is Miura.  Miura, like Freedom, is the head dog in the Cross pack.  I think Miura is a lot and I mean A LOT nicer than Freedom, but she gets lumped into the category “dark brindle girl” which is usually our parents’ code for “headstrong,” “bossy” and “dominant.”  One thing I don’t like about Miura…she puts down “marking” pees.  This makes it hard for me because I already have to mark over all the girls’ pee and then Miura marks and then I have to go back and mark over Miura’s pee all over again.  Stop it, Miura!  I’ve got it covered.

Zonda – The “Casper” of the Cross pack

Casper:  This is Zonda.  Zonda is a merry prankster, like ME!  She acts sweet, but she can give Miura headaches just like I give Freedom headaches.  It’s our job.

Eva – My future girlfriend

Casper:  This is Eva.  Eva is just like Nikki…sweet, blah, blah, blah, perfect, blah, blah, blah, never-does-anything-wrong blah, blah, blah.  Shhhh…I have a secret.  I love Eva.  I want her to be my girlfriend.  I think we’d be a perfect pair.

Mom:  Thank you, Casper.  I think you introduced everyone nicely.  I’m suspending my regular blogging schedule for the next week in order to tell you about our GREYT vacation.

Special Note:  With the exception of the “Daily Inspiration” picture, all pictures in this post were taken by Balance Photography.

Daily Inspiration


A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.
Earl Wilson

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14 Responses to " Dewey Beach 2012 – The Players"

  • Amy says:

    Oh Casper it is no secret you like Eva. Yes are such a goofy flirt. She was really worried about the trip, being her first, and you went out of our way to show her it was a fun time 🙂 You two are such beautiful white greyhounds, and I hear she likes younger men. Miura thinks you are a pain because she has to save pee to mark over yours, and Zonda only loves momma. Such a treat to have such a great group of 6 best houndie friends together.

    Seriously I have vacation withdrawal today. I miss the big pack, Lori and Henry, no chores like 10 loads of laundry. Lori we seriously need a plan to go permanently on vacation! Did you buy your lottery ticket?!

  • Michelle says:

    This was my first year at Dewey! I flew since it was a 15 hour drive for me. My plan next year is to drive so I can take Sadie with me. The only thing that could have made it better for me was to have my own dog with me. It was awesome!

  • Amy says:


    I flew out by myself without my hounds the first time too! Then I convinced my husband and Lohmeyers to take 5 hounds with us last year, and this year we all resoundlingly decided to go longer (and added Eva)!
    What did you buy!? Great vendors!


    • Michelle says:

      I actually did pretty well with my spending. I bought a bed from Elaine’s Pet Pillows, stuffies from several different vendors, some cards, an embroidered fleece jacket (for me) and a ladies long sleeve t-shirt. Love the t-shirt, it actually isn’t 5 miles too long. On Sunday morning, I thought what would I be sorry that I didn’t buy when I got home. So I went to Feathered Gems and bought myself a silver greyhound ring. I love it! My constant remider of Dewey. I got to hang out with Giles Express and his family all week. So much fun!

  • Declan says:

    Now that looks like a fun trip. I like your choice of girl Casper mate; that’s my boy! Look forward to hearing your tails. Deccy x

  • Whoa, Zonda is just gorgeous!

  • Sue says:

    Lovely photos. Eva is a real cutie.

  • genjiscorner says:

    Two cute packs of pups. Hope I get to see a group photo in later posts.

  • Patty says:

    Casper, I loved reading your descriptions of everyone. I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures in Dewey.

  • houndstooth says:

    I will love hearing about your trip! I’ll bet you got fabulous pictures and had a great time.

    Unlike me, who is stuck in the airport in Knoxville, TN.

  • fern reed says:

    Oh how I love all those beautiful faces!!! I love the sight hound!!!!!
    Thanks so so so much for your friendship!!

  • What a fantastic trip and even better to take the kids and go with friends!
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Dewey Beach.
    Lynne x

  • Bassetmomma says:

    What a wonderful trip with great friends! Thank you so much for introducing us Casper. I look forward to hearing about your adventures at Dewey Beach!

  • Sue Taylor says:

    What a fab photo of your pack Lori, you should scrap it and hang it on the wall for sure, or maybe have it printed onto canvass.

    Love Sue and the Taylor pack plus Belle x

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