February 13

Diana: a Celebration

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Yesterday, my girlfriend Ellen and I went to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see Diana: a Celebration at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  The exhibit was in nine galleries and featured 150 personal items, including her royal wedding dress, 28 designer dresses, family heirlooms, personal mementos and rare home movies.

Ellen and I have been Princess Diana fans since she first appeared on the scene in 1980.  We are the same age as Princess Diana and we followed her life, her style, her joys and her troubles as we lived through our own.

Ellen and I have been friends since kindergarten.  It was a special treat to experience this tribute to Princess Diana’s life and work with each other, since we’ve spent almost our whole lives together.  Princess Diana was a gift to the world.  Ellen is a precious treasure to me.

Ellen & Lori – 2011

Ellen & Lori – 1967

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