December 28

Did You Know We Live With A Kitty?

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Freedom, Casper and Nikki here.  Did you know we live with a kitty?  Her name is Twinkie.  When our Mommy first started to write What Remains Now, she introduced all of us, including Twinkie.  That was the first and last time anyone ever heard of Twinkie, until now.  Here’s a little information about Twinkie:

Even though her name is Twinkie, she isn’t cream-filled.  She pretty plump though.

She’s really, really old…16!

Our Mommy calls her Minkie.  No one remembers why.

For some reason, Twinkie’s water tastes better than our water, so we drink it first.

Twinkie sleeps most of the time.

Don’t try to sniff Twinkie’s butt.  She doesn’t like it.

If you do try to sniff Twinkie’s butt, she’ll hit you in the face real fast and real hard, multiple times…bap, bap, bap!

Not just any kitty could keep three Greyhounds in line; but Twinkie does.  We love our kitty.

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