June 15

Don’t Touch That!

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I’ve been wanting to get out and walk with Freedom and Casper.  Unfortunately, my husband does not have this same desire.  Another obstacle…whenever I touch the leashes, sweet, docile Freedom and Casper turn into Tasmanian Devils.  Leaping, mouthing, spinning, body slamming and barks.  No way could I get them both out the door and walk them by myself.  Recently, a young girl showed up at our door promoting her new dog walking business.  Wishes do come true!  We’ve walked twice a week for two weeks, and last night I took them out for our first walk together.  They still get excited for walks, but it’s getting more manageable.  At least I don’t have to scream, “Don’t touch that!” if someone gets close to the leashes.

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6 Responses to " Don’t Touch That!"

  • houndstooth says:

    I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you! After the initial excitement of going out is over, do they walk okay together? If you want to teach them to behave more calmly, work on them individually. It really does work. Our girls get excited, but they know there’s a limit! lol

    That’s a great picture of the three of you together! 🙂 Here’s to enjoying many happy walks together from now on!

    • lori says:

      They do walk together well! I kept them both on my left side. If I have them on the right, all they want to do is go in yards and sniff everything. I was really very proud of them. We walked past a yard with a gentleman and his Lab, and they didn’t get distracted or anything. I spoke to him and the Lab was very well trained because she stayed in the “sit” position and even though her tail was wagging like crazy, she stayed with her owner. I really think they’re going to be very good walking buddies.

  • Amy says:

    Now you are ready to take on 3! I have been walking 4 by myself and feel like they are trying to macrame and I am a bead in their design 🙂 Miss you!!!!! And it only has been a few weeks!

    • lori says:

      What a perfect visual…macrame! You know, I often think of you when I’m feeling whiny about how can I possibly manage TWO dogs. You’re my inspiration!

  • Amy says:

    Today there were 2 loose menacing, big dogs out while I was walking all 4 and they decided to stake out the end of our driveway. It was scary and I had to yell to try to get them to leave. I was yelling so loudly the owner heard me over his lawn tractor. I was mad and screamed “Get your dogs on lead NOW”. He took them and disappeared probably not wanting to tangle with the crazy lady. I was very proud of the greys for letting me be their alpha. Tyler talked to the guy when he got home 🙂

  • Your comment on my blog was very funny. 🙂 Congrats on the walking the two dogs at once. 🙂 Are those harnesses designed to be uncomfortable if the dog pulls… if not, you definitely put yourself at a disadvantage with harnesses. Most harnesses give the dogs lots of leverage to drag you around the block (i.e. sled dogs :-). Let me know if you want any other suggestions (email me). You really should not have to feel like you are having to wrestle them and use all of your strength.

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