May 8

Every Day Ugly – Part 4

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Every month, I’m looking around at all the things I use the most, to make sure those are my “best” things. This series was inspired by my friend, Amy, who noticed that some of the ickiest things she owned were the things she used the most. She wanted to change that to make sure that her every day life was filled with beautiful, functional things. This inspired me to take a look around and make sure that I wasn’t saving “the best” for days that rarely come.

This month, I’ve identified the area I want to upgrade, but would like your opinion…on socks.

Sock Drawer

Do you have a trusted sock brand? I’d love to hear about your favorites and any recommendations.

I do an “Every Day Ugly” post on the second Wednesday of every month. I would love to have you join me. If you have some horrible thing that you make beautiful, send me a picture or pictures and tell me about it at

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19 Responses to " Every Day Ugly – Part 4"

  • With a size 10 1/2 Slim for a shoe size, it is hard to find socks that really fit well, especially in colors. But for white ones, I like Gold Label the best.

  • I have socks for walking, hiking, everyday, wool socks for winter….You get the idea. And they are all squished into one little drawer.
    I just got the coolest thing to put my buttons in, I will send photos today.

  • No, I don’t have a favourite sock brand but I do love spotty, stripey and garishly coloured ones 🙂

    I have tried and tried but unfortunately, I can not make my husband more beautiful, sigh.
    Lynne x

  • Finn says:

    I need to go through my sock drawer. Hopefully I can push that off until the fall though! I don’t have a trusted name brand, but I usuaully get mine at Target!

  • Sue says:

    Any of my socks can be worn any time. I do have some extra thick one’s for the colder days. I don’t have a favourite brand.

  • Oh dis is a most FABULOUS idea!!!!!!! My mum fur some reason is kinda likes dis too but I thinks it be cuz her is OCD. Her just trashed some towels and went out and bout more…they is white.
    Nows when it comes to socks her is very particular. They has to be Hanes. They is like sock liners I think. Not da no show cuz they still show.
    I likes how your socks is arranged and da color scheme.


  • Mum would just like to be able to find two of the same socks in her messy drawer…

  • Patty says:

    I like socks with a thick sole. I don’t wear shoes in the house much, so I am constantly wearing out my socks.

  • Daisy says:

    We’re still in awe of how tidy your socks are! We think that’s beautiful.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  • I usually use foot socks, the sort that don’t go half way up the calf, so uncool with skirts and shorts! Of course, here in Oz, we are mostly in sandals and thongs, and we don’t wear socks with that though many tourists do and we have a good laugh at them. I wear any brand socks that are cotton and more than a few of the ones in my cupboard used to belong to Cushion. Although his feet are a few sizes bigger than mine, they all shrank in the dryer. I hope that was helpful and answered your question 😉 X

  • Susan says:

    My favorite socks are SmartWool brand. They almost massage your feet as you wear them! I have some for winter and lighter ones for summer. They aren’t inexpensive…but I consider them an investment 🙂 You can find them locally at Dick’s, but Lee’s Sporting Goods in Portage, MI has by far the best selection around. You may remember that a trip to Lee’s was my b-day present from Greg last year…brought back 4 pair!

  • Madi and Mom says:

    I love the polka dot socks. I buy most of our colored socks at Target…last winter they had gorgeous men’s and women’s. it is the brand Target sales. Name escapes me. Hugs
    All atound
    Madi and mom

  • I got very anal retentive about my socks. I organized them by color and put them in bins only to find it was too much of a pain to get them out and put them away again after I washed them. So I have mostly stopped wearing socks! Beware the dark side of organization!!

    PS: martha wouldn’t have mailed the book yet either. She’d be organizing and making stuff 🙂

  • Houndstooth says:

    I like Hue socks! They’re pretty and durable and come in different thicknesses and lengths!

    I had to go have a medical test done today, so I went in Soma when I was done. Oh, I NEED some of their pajamas!

  • I go barefooted or in flip flops 90% of the time, but when I do were socks I just buy the cutest pair I can find at TJ Maxx, usually the super short ankle ones you can’t see with low rise Converse sneakers.
    Nola’s Mom

  • Linda says:

    I too am a Smartwool sock fan! I especially love the thicker ones in the winter time. I typically wear black gold toe socks to work, and I like gold toe footies in the summer time to wear with my New Balance walking shoes.

  • Penelope says:

    Bright! Colorful! and I don’t really care which brand. I used to match my socks to my shirt (when I worked in an office) but I don’t have to do that any more. My current favorites are fuffy rainbow winter socks!

  • I only wear “fun socks”. This is socks with animals or flowers or something. No brand!

  • I tend to wear black socks because I’m very lazy about putting my washing away and if they’re all the same colour it doesn’t matter if they’re not a pair:) Actually I probably would wear odd socks if I did have different coloured socks just because I could, I can also be a bit contrary! I think you’ve got an awesome collection/selection of socks!

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