July 10

Every Day Ugly – Part 6

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I do an “Every Day Ugly” post on the second Wednesday of every month. I look around at all the things I use the most, to make sure those are my “best” things. This series was inspired by my friend, Amy, who noticed that some of the ickiest things she owned were the things she used the most. She wanted to change that to make sure that her every day life was filled with beautiful, functional things. This inspired me to take a look around and make sure that I wasn’t saving “the best” for days that rarely come.

This month, the change came in the form of what I’ll call a premium container. Companies sometimes offer a nicer container that can be refilled with product. I purchased one of these containers to hold my Q-tips and have gotten a lot of mileage from this purchase.

Q-tips Box

I like it because it is perfectly sized. It has a low profile that allows it to fit in a bathroom cabinet drawer. I actually bought two of these containers. When one is completely empty, I know it’s time to put cotton swabs on my shopping list.

Cotton Swabs Box

I love to see what you’re doing too. My friend, Amy, who inspired this series, recently shared a few updates.

Tissue Boxes

She purchased a gorgeous dark lime leather tissue box cover to cover tissue boxes that are cute but don’t match her decor. Amy suggests checking Target’s nice selection.

Doggy Storage

Would you believe these lovely containers hold dog food (top container) and miscellaneous meds, snacks, supplements, etc. (bottom container) for 3 Greyhounds? When Amy wanted to get rid of a huge dog food bin in her kitchen, she picked these up at Target for under $10 each. She fills the food container from the big dog food bin, now happily residing in the garage, every 3 days or so. When they come to our house for a doggy play date, Amy just grabs to top bowl and brings it to our house.

Thank you, Amy for sharing some great ideas.

I would love to have you join in. If you have some plain thing that you make beautiful, send me a picture or pictures and tell me about it at whatremainsnow@gmail.com.

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