May 20

Eye of the Needle

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Eye of the Needle is a 1981 movie based on the book of the same name by Ken Follett.  Donald Sutherland is “die Nadel,” a German spy in Britain during WWII who gathers vital information about the D-day invasion and must get it back to his superiors in Germany.  On his way back to Germany, a storm strands him on an island off the coast of Scotland.  There he meets Lucy and…you’ll just have to watch the movie and see what happens.  This is a spy thriller and a romance, and it works convincingly on both fronts.


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3 Responses to " Eye of the Needle"

  • mel says:

    I have become a fan of Ken Follet as an author since reading Pillars of the Earth; just finished another one of his this past week. Had NO idea that any of his books had been done as movies! I am going to my local video rental today to see if they have this for this weekend’s watching pleasure….thanks, Lori!

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I’ve never heard of this one, although I really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth. I may have to add it to our list!

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