March 31

Glass Vase = Spring Vase

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I often see plain, glass vases and I love their shapes and textures; but the plain glass is just that…plain.  Let’s jazz it up!


Glass Vase


Spray Paint

Wire (I used 20 gauge copper wire)

Wire Cutters (not in the picture)


1.  Clean the vase thoroughly.  Allow to dry.  Spray with primer.  Allow to dry.

2.  Spray with paint.  Allow to dry.

Note:  Painting on glass is tricky.  Although the primer will help, spray paint is not especially durable on glass.  Don’t submerge your vase in water and don’t handle it roughly because the paint will scratch off.

3.  Cut three lengths of wire approximately 12″ long.

4.  Wrap wire around the neck of the vase.

5.  String the buttons on the wire.

5.  Arrange the buttons.  You have a new, inexpensive vase for Spring and a great excuse to pick up some pretty flowers.


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3 Responses to " Glass Vase = Spring Vase"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    That is really cute!

    I love Dewey! I hope you have a good time there!

  • Sherry says:

    Where do you find your cute buttons? That is really pretty – hope you got flowers to put in it!

    • lori says:

      I picked them up at Michaels. They have a display of REALLY cute buttons…all different subjects. When I checked out, the cashier had these same flower buttons on bobby pins in her hair. They looked really cute!

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