May 31

Great Questions – Part 5

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All this month, I’ve been posing different questions (inspired by my friend, Amy) to help narrow down your most important memory treasures.  I hope you enjoyed these questions.  I found them very thought-provoking.  Here’s this week’s question:

Think of 5 favorite people in your life; what is a special thing that represents each person for you?

Later this year, I’ll post these questions again and answer them for myself.

Daily Inspiration


I know what things are good:  friendship and work and conversation.  These I shall have.

Rupert Brooke

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10 Responses to " Great Questions – Part 5"

  • Declan says:

    Oooh let me think..

    Birthday fivers from Ganny
    Big soppy embarrassing kisses from Mum
    Treats from Other Mum
    Massages from Aunty Lou
    Parcels from Mr. Postman

    Deccy x

  • houndstooth says:

    Oh, I like this question a lot! I have to ponder this for a while!

  • I can think of one person but the others may have to be dogs.

  • Patty says:

    Wow, that’s a tough one. I thought I knew right away, but then other people came to mind. I think I would have to include my dogs, too. LOL

  • Kirsten says:

    It is nice to have one significant item representing the important people; my problem is having several significant items and only limited space in which to keep them!

  • Very nice…. I am thinking hard. It’s hard to keep just to five of my favorites. (HH, of course, is #1)

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  • Hmmm, I’m not sure wether to choose my furry children or the human ones 🙂
    Lynne x

  • Oh gosh, what a great question! Let me think ..

    My Dad is easy – beetles always remind me of him! He was an amateur entomologist. And I have a number of his ‘beetle’ books, which I do use from time to time.

    My Mum .. well, I thought a lot about that last year when she died. I think on the whole, the Singer sewing machine was an iconic thing. She also often used a knitting machine, and a pressure cooker, and of course her nurse’s uniform also defined her to a certain extent. But since I now wear her engagement ring, that has to be my key memory object.

    I don’t know about OH. He’s so not a sentimental person and has no particular objects which he treasures for themselves. If I had to pick one which he can hardly bear to be without, it’s a watch I bought him which is solar powered and radio controlled so that it sets the time by itself, very, very accurately.

    My Grandmother gave me a marcasite and silver crucifix which I treasured, but I lost it. 🙁

    The last person is an ‘aunt’ – a friend of my mother’s. I think my object for her would have to be a letter she wrote me which I would hate to lose.

    It’s so hard to think of actual objects. I am very sentimental myself, so I do surround myself with souvenirs – of occasions, of events, of people – but to choose one for one person is hard, and also, of course, memories are so much more complex than that.

  • My Mom: Giorgio perfume
    My Sister A: Cats and the color blue
    My Bio Dad: Old spice soap
    My Step Dad: Basil and spices
    My Best Friend: Piano music

  • Bassetmomma says:

    Love the quote. 🙂

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