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Great Questions – Part 6

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Back in May, I ran a series of five questions that were meant to get you (and me) thinking about memorabilia and hopefully identifying some of the special treasures.  When I originally posted these questions, I didn’t answer them, but now I am.  Here’s the first question:

If I died today, what 5 things would you want to keep to remember me by and why?

I asked my daughter this question and here’s what she picked:

1.  Matryoshka Doll

I started collecting Matryoshka dolls for my daughter when she was a young girl.  Her (our) collection is small, but we’ve got some real beauties.  This is the one she would choose because it is the most intricately painted.  She’s really glad she gets to keep them all.

2.  Photograph

Not this picture…this was the runner-up.  The picture that she would keep, she already has.  It’s a snapshot of my face, and I’m laughing really hard.  It’s how she see me.  This picture was the runner-up because I made her sit still and smile while those precious little bunnies were biting her.  We joke that she was made to pose for this picture while the bunnies ate her alive.  If nothing else, I provided my daughter with precious childhood memories.

3.  Frog Bookends

I’ve collected frogs all my life.  If she had to pick one thing, she would pick these bookends because she remembers them being around the house all her life.

4.  Knitted Owl Sweater & Skirt Set

This is a special item from both me and my mother.  Believe it or not, this was my mom’s first knitting project.  She wanted to learn to knit, so she had a friend teach her.  She made me this sweater and skirt set.

I wore the ensemble for my kindergarten Christmas party.  This is a picture of me and my kindergarten teacher. 

My hands are all twisted funny because I was nervous (and excited) about getting to stand so close to my beautiful, young kindergarten teacher, whom I was deeply in love with.

5.  My Favorite/First Painting

My daughter picked this painting because it’s my first and favorite, and she loves this period of my life…so do I.

Daily Inspiration


 I travel a lot; I hate to have my life disrupted by routine.

Caskie Stinnett

About the photo (taken on July 30)…This is another photo I took on my way down to visit my daughter at Purdue University.  This is Bethlehem Presbyterian Church just outside of Metea, Indiana, and one of the most beautiful country churches I’ve ever seen.  The photo above is taken from the westside.  If you’d like to see how the church looks from the road, you can look at the Daily Inspiration photo on April 24.  Before my daughter leaves West Lafayette, Indiana, I plan to go to a Sunday service.

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8 Responses to " Great Questions – Part 6"

  • Sue says:

    My sister in law would love the frog book ends. She has a thing for frogs:)

  • Oh how I loves dis post! It’s fun to sees your past. You can tells you had a knack furs bein’ creative and it seems it runs in da family withs your mom’ s BEAUTIFUL crochet. I can’t believe dat was her furst project!
    My mum used to collect frog stuff too, how cool.


  • Kat says:

    Great post. Love the owl sweater & skirt set! And love the picture of you & your kindergarten teacher. Made me smile. I adored my first grade teacher even though I was only in her class a few weeks. We still laugh about it…she’s a friend of my Mom’s and that was one of her first teaching jobs.

  • houndstooth says:

    What beautiful things, and sweet reasons behind keeping them! I remember adoring my kindergarten teacher, too! I loved the story about the rabbit picture!

  • Ann says:

    What an interesting question to ask your daughter! I should do the same thing with Sophia and Olivia, and see what their answers are. I liked the picture of you and your teacher. What a great memory! Between that and the picture of your daughter being eaten by the bunnies…those are the things that make you smile.

    One idea I read that I thought was good was to put the story about a memorable picture behind it on the frame, so that whoever would see the picture in the future would have more information about it.

  • I love all of them and the reasons why your daughter woud choose them. You’re much loved, Lori.

    My personal favourite is the knit set. I don’t know if the owls were your mum’s idea or from a knitting book, but they’re just precious!

  • What lovely things your daughter has chosen, each with a special meaning for her.
    Lynne x

  • Penelope says:

    I Love your post and what a great thing to ask your kids! I think I shall do the same.
    Nellie’s Mom

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