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Greyhound: Racing Into The Light

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I was excited to hear about this documentary that is in production.  Greyhound: Racing Into The Light is a full length documentary by director Bill Buchanan about the 4,000 year history of this amazing breed,  along with the current racing industry…those that support it and those that oppose it.  Here’s what the creators of the documentary have to say about their purpose in making this film:

Our Purpose: To Inform, Not to Judge

As an ethical documentary film director, Bill Buchanan’s role is not to judge the racing industry or those who either oppose or support it. Rather, it is to reveal that world as evenhandedly, objectively, and interestingly as possible. While racing greyhound officials, owners, breeders, trainers and kennel owners seem genuinely intent on doing a better job of policing their own, they seem incapable of finding common ground. GREYHOUND should help further motivate those within the industry to weed out its bad actors and address the issues for which they are criticized.Should audiences walk away believing greyhound racing should be banned, so be it. Conversely, should they head for the track to watch and bet on the dogs, so be it. Whatever their views, they will gain an appreciation and respect for an animal whose gentleness, beauty, and breathtaking athleticism words cannot describe.

Greyhound: Racing Into The Light has a beautiful website where you can watch a trailer and learn more about this film.

Want to be a part of this project?  Mr. Buchanan has a Kickstarter project started that will run until April 22.  The documentary is expected to be released in July 2013.

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