September 3

Halo Treats & Fresh Scents Sachets

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Because our mom spent the month of August participating in a photo challenge call The August Break 2013, we are behind with our reviews.

August Review - Freedom 1

Freedom: What do we have to review this month?

Mom: This month, we’re reviewing Halo Healthsome Cat Treats from and Fresh Scents Pet Sachets.

August Review - Freedom 2

Freedom: So, we get to review cat treats and things that cover up our naturally wonderful doggy aroma. Terrific. How did you manage that stellar line-up? Mom, you’re fired!

Halo Healthsome Cat Treats

Mom: Let’s get on with the reviews. First up, Halo Healthsome Cat Treats. We are reviewing the Select Seafood Combo Flavor Grain-Free treats. These treats have not one, not two, but three delicious types of fish, making every bite a fishy feast to savor. Salmon, trout, and whitefish are mixed with pumpkin, tomatoes, and catnip for a genuinely irresistible and healthy snack that cleans your kitty’s teeth as she (or he) chews.

Key Benefits

  • Crunchy texture helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh
  • Cats go crazy for catnip
  • Three sources of easy-to-digest protein
  • Grain-free treat suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • Pumpkin regulates digestive tract

Halo Healthsome Cat Treats Close

Mom: I particularly love the small size. Makes giving treats fun and guilt-free.

Twinkie Seal Of Approval

Twinkie: Hey, Freedom! You’re right, reviewing treats is really hard work! Four paws up for Halo Healthsome Cat Treats.

Fresh Scents Pet Sachets

Mom: We also received these lovely sachets from Fresh Scents. Fresh Scents sachets are eco-friendly, using recyclable paper, earth-friendly fragrance oils and biodegradable ingredients. They’re made in the USA, in South Carolina. The Fresh Scents Pet Sachets are non-toxic, so they’re safe to use around pets, and they’re made to neutralize odors, not mask them. The packaging is adorable (four different designs), and they are very reasonably priced at $2 per sachet.

Thank you, and Fresh Scents for asking us to do these reviews. Twinkie received a free bag of Halo Healthsome Select Seafood Combo Flavor Grain-free Treats for doing this review, and I received two Fresh Scents Pet Sachets. The opinions expressed are strictly Twinkie’s and mine.

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